Las Vegas With The Kiddos

Ok.  I've drastically slacked off.  Like, I even wrote some daily blogs and just never published them. So, I am starting fresh.  Yep.  We have done A TON of stuff but I can't dwell on the fact that I was a blogging slacker.  I can only go forward from here.  

Welcome to Nevada.

This go round, we are pretty much maxing out our stays with four days in an area.  We rolled into the Las Vegas Thousand Trails and, I must say, were a little creeped out. It is a far cry from one of the nicer resorts that we have stayed but, it served its purpose.  There is a pool for Big to take the kids so that I can work and it is in the middle of everything we wanted to do.  

Day 1We decided, due to work commitments, that Day 1 would be us exploring the Strip.  We had intended to hit up a show in the evening but there was so much to do that we had to reschedule to the trip home. We parked (for FREE) at Circus Circus and walked through the resort. The kids were amazed at home big everything was.  Of course, the $0.99 souvenirs really grabbed their attention too. 

We pretty much walked the strip going in and out of the resorts exploring and admiring.  We stopped in Paris to eat and boy, did we get our monies worth. Our kiddos ate soooooo much.  They loved the atmosphere and even tried some new foods. to them.  Bell's had tortellini and B had capers. If only my camera would have been rolling.  He gagged it down and almost let it come back up. BUT he tried something. Proud of them.

Day 2:

Day two lead us to the Hoover Dam.  As exciting as the dam was, the kids enjoyed being able to say "dam" without consequence. Little was really interested in the history (Hoover was his president in 2nd grade) and the immenseness of the dam.  Chica didn't want to be there. Her high light was that she got a yo-yo from the gift shop.  Super kid friendly and hands on.  It was very interesting and great for road schooling.

Day 3:  Red Rock

Our last day was a blast.  I think one of the highlights of our entire trip.  The kids used their birthday money and bought walking sticks. We hiked for a few hours, climbing all over the rocks.  Of course, Red Rock had a great Junior Ranger program.  The kids decided to work on it after we reached the top of our climb.  I am so proud of them.  The climb was not an easy one.  We had to do some scrambling on the rocks, jumping, sliding and a few parts where we had to inch across. They were amazing!

Nevada is beautiful.  May be my most favorite state so far.   


director photo.jpg

After 7 years of teaching full time, I was able to quit teaching and work full time from home! I love that I can spend so much time with my family. No more missed life events, even the little ones. Pink Zebra has changed my life. Now, I help others create their own strong economy allowing them to work from home, pay off debt and follow their dreams.

Interested in learning more, please let us know or head to



Home for now and cold as all heck.

Let me start off by saying, DAAAANNNGGG I really need to make sure that I stay on this when we leave again.  For now, we are back in the Burgh, freezing our butts off.  It was so nice coming home and seeing everyone. We all had a great Christmas.  I must say tomorrow is my first day to just chill out.  We have been running every day since the 16th of December.  The weather makes me not want to get out of my jammies and the kids are like, "what school work".  Tomorrow, we get back in the saddle.

We have a busy few weeks before we head out again.  We have officially planned out our February and will be working on March this week. The RV needs to be emptied of things we aren't using, books we have read and food that probably isn't good anymore. The following week we will work on getting it back up and running and functioning the way we will need. 

We are all so looking forward to our journey out west as we have never been before. Another part of the planning process.  Yes, we, at times, fly by the seat of our pants but tend to plan out activities and the finances to go along with it.  We also need to book our upcoming events! 

As we get closer to departure date, we can work on getting Dad's house back together again. It's amazing what an extra 4 people and 2 dogs and Christmas, can do to a home.  

Excited to continue to share our journey with anyone interested in vitually tagging along. 





I haven't written in a while mostly because I can't seem to get a schedule in place and my ADHA has been in full throttle. Our resort is absolutely beautiful.  It's smaller than the last Thousand Trails we stayed in but right on the lake. Tonight we will be heading there to watch the sunset. We went to Rickwood Caverns this week and took a  tour. The kids loved "mining" for gems before we went inside the caves.  This was a first for me and I must say I was pretty nervous when she told us we were 175ft below the service.  One thing that this trip has taught me so far is that the way I react will feed the way my kids react.  I have had to keep my shit together when we climbed to the top of the observation tower, the tornado warning, the climb to the top of the observation tower and gone down into a cave. These are all things that made me want to whine

We are trying really hard to get a schedule in place. School schedule, work schedule, life schedule.  I mean, don't get me wrong, we are all about spontaneity but kids need structure.  

While here we have been and plan to finish taking line dancing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  It gives us something to do and we meet some new people.  The instructors are 25-year full-timers.  The love it!  Our neighbors are evacuees from Miami.  Ms. Jane and Mr. Antonio.  They are so much fun.  We want to make sure that we stay in contact with them and are lucky to call them friends! 

I promise to write more often but as for now I have to shove off! Today is a work filled day. Follow ups, messages and contacting my team!



Memphis and BBQ

We made it to Memphis!  Ok, actually it was only about an hour away and we were kind of jacked that we didn't realize that last week.  We totally could have come and explored Memphis...without the rain!! Instead, we arrived at the Delta Music fest around 9 am to set up our booth.  We knew that Harvey, formerly known as Hurricane Hervey, would be heading our way and dumping a butt load of rain our way. 

We emptied the car and RV and decided to set up our RV site before the booth...You know, because of the rain.  We waited for about an hour or so before someone could direct us to our RV spot.  I arrived at the spot first...thank God. I knew as soon as I arrived and had to ask for the garbage to be removed, that this spot wasn't going to cut it.  I walkie-talkied, (let's say sounds better), radioed to Brad and explained the situation.  He met me and explained to the nice gentleman that we would sink.  We opted for no sewage for the week instead of the cesspool of filth. 

We set up the RV while it was drizzling and headed back to set up our booth.  About 30 mins in, a lovely group of volunteers walked over and let us know we needed to seek shelter due to a tornado warning. I thought little B was going to shit his pants.  He immediately started to freak out about the dogs in the RV.  The volunteers explained to him that this was routine and that they (natives) were NOT worried!  We waited it out for about 30 mins and went back to work As a reward for our accomplishments, we treated ourselves to BBQ on Beale Street. It was completely empty.  I do believe we were the only souls to brave the weather for some grub! BRad was happy with his full rack and a Big Ass Beer.  The kids were even happier with their pop in a Big Ass Beer cup!  Using our umbrellas as shields, we ventured to the car and headed to our favorite place.  WALMART! We vowed to stick to the list and did so only adding a pair of much-needed slippers for chica.

Home to the pups and ankle deep water while unloading the groceries.  We put everything away and popped in a movie to decrease the tension of our RV shaking in the wind.  It poured down rain all night.  I slept on the couch with chica and the little man fell asleep during Rudy. He did tell me that when he is scared, he likes to fall asleep to a good movie so he has happy dreams.  Ah.  Rudy.   

All is well in the Lynch-mobile. 



August 27th- Cherokee Landing

Friday we went to visit the Shiloh Battlefields.  Little B was in his glory.  Bells was a handful. They had a Junior Ranger Program that was filled with activities to make the tour more interactive and fun.  It's crazy to think that we were standing where so many people had been killed in battle. 

Yesterday, Bells got her hair cut and we stopped to get some food for the potluck dinner at the camp site.  Cherokee Landing provided the ham and everyone brought a dish. I will say that I am very good at talking to people about Pink Zebra.  I am social with my friends but when it comes to introducing myself and meeting NEW people, I struggle.  I am making that my mission during these next few years.  Meet as many people as I can.  Share our story with as many people as I can.

I will say that the biggest downfall is the lack of cellular service.  I was all about going off the grid 1/2 time but I need to be able to run my business, check on my team, see what is going on!  Sprint has forced me into submission. By day two, I accepted the fact that no matter how many times I checked my phone and in how many different places, I wasn't going to have service.  

The bugs are bigger here in Tennessee.  Giant flies.  I mean GIANT.  We need to get back into our Green Tea and Lemon Grass lotion routine.  We had very little bug/bite problems when we lotioned up.  

Today is an easy day.  We have to dump.  Ok, that part sucks.  We have to break everything down, dump, and set it all back up. Then we swim for the day...maybe ride some bikes, go for a few walks.  I hurt my hip yesterday on my 1.5 mile run.  Damn I felt old.  Maybe som swimming will help!  



A Day of Nothing

You know what I did today?  Nothing.  Ok, not nothing really because that just isn't me.  I woke up to find that my unlimited data with Sprint is not unlimited.  Something about roaming...blah, blah, blah. I headed off on my bike to the rec center to make the call and get some info about what was happening to my internet.  The call sucked.  I really can't find anything nice to say about Sprint.  After that, I did a team call about our Booking Blitz and we biked back to the RV. 

Math and reading were finished by lunch time and we dressed and lotioned up for the pool. I. Read. A Book.  Not an educational book.  Not a business book. Just a book for fun.  Actually, it is a really good book that little man let me borrow.  The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark.  It's all about rides and people (good and evil) coming to life and some kids having to save everyone.  Lots of cool Disney secrets! 

After a few hours at the pool, we came back and worked on an art project. Once the kids got the hang of it, I took a nap.  Yep.  A nap.  Uninterrupted...until kids got hungry.  It amazes me that they will not ask their dad for anything.  It's like I am the only adult around that can possibly assist them in whatever they must have at any given moment. HOWEVER, I have been getting a lot of extra I love yous. 

We made tacos as a family tonight and then took the dogs for a walk.  Kids rode their bikes.  Tomorrow we are heading out to a National Park to hit up a science/history lesson.  Still on a mission to get Bell's hair cut.  It's like a matted dog.  She HATES to brush it.  

So far so good on the home front.  Still trying to get into a routine.We are downsizing as we go and adding what we need.  Trying to find hidden places to store things.  We are really needing a pull behind trailer. That's the goal.  Off to look for one and watch Norm of the North.  It's chica's turn to pick.  Last night, I picked Mary Poppins. 



Tennessee or Bust!

We finally finished up the Illinois State fair!  We were fortunate enough to be in the path of the Totality of the Eclipse for our drive to Saulsbury Tennessee.  We decided to take our time and stop off in Marion Illinois to see this once in a life time eclipse (ok, so it'll be happening in Pittsburgh in seven years...but still) 

We pulled off into a Cracker Barrell parking lot to enough the eclipse with a few hundred other people. Since we had only snagged two pairs of glasses, we had to share.  We were blessed to be across from meteorologists during the fair.  They filled us all in on what we should do and what we would experience.  Those words did not prepare us for the EPIC AWESOMENESS we were apart of. As the moon started making its way across the sun, it became darker and darker.  So dark that the night time insects started chirping and the street lights came 1:20 pm. For two mins and 45 seconds, it felt like 9 pm. It was such a unique experience and I am so glad my kids (ok, and Brad and I too) got to experience something so historic first hand.

We jumped back in the vehicles and started off towards Tennessee.  We rolled into our campsite about 7:30 pm and started the setup procedures. Once the majority was finished outside, the kids and I came inside to work on this setup. Within a few minutes, there was a pissed off knock on the door.  Big was standing there angrily demanding his shower stuff and a change of clothes.  Turns out there was some kind of air pocket in the shitter hose and when he went to open the valve, poo water came flying out. What a grand way to end the first night.

THe next morning we decided to head to the laundromat to do all of our laundry at once. when I arrived with the kids, I realized that this was not somewhere I wanted to be.  After losing $8.00 we found three working washers and two working dryers out of 40...FORTY!!! It was hot, gross and lacked any kind of plug.  Chica begged to do her school work when we got back since the papers were sticking to her arms because of the heat.  Had I been in better shape, I would have stripped down to my sports bra and tossed the shirt I was wearing into the wash too since it had sweat marks all over it.  The kids looked like I had hosed them down.  

We left (miserable) to head to get hair cuts.  After googling three separate hair solons and driving to them to find the closed or closed down, we realized hair cuts weren't in the cards for us today. We decided to just go to Walmart...our happy place...

After spending way too much money to much money at Walmart, we headed home. As I was driving down the road, five police cars come whipping down the road towards us and I notice another coming from behind.  I pull over to let the police officer behind me pass and notice he too pulls over.  He gets out and asks me if I know why he pulled me over.  I said, "No, I really don't have any idea".  Supposedly he clocked me going 68mph in a 45. Now, I have had a speeding ticket before.  When I was pulled over and asked that same question, I admitted to the wrong doing.  This time, I couldn't.  I explained to him that I had just left the Walmart parking lot and can't figure out how it was physically possible for me to pick up that much speed.  He kindly gave me my ticket and went about his day as I grumbled and SLOWLY pulled away. What a great way to start our Tennessee vacation, 



One More Wake Up!

Don't get me wrong, I love waking up every morning and heading out to sprinkle the love to those people that do not know anything about us, but...I'm freakin tired.  My ear hurts because my allergies have been a tad yuck for the last few mornings. It's the AC. The giant building we are in has a constant hum of a ventilation system, so loud we can't enjoy our music, music that we need today to keep us pumped up.  It's my kick ass playlist. 

Yesterday was slow and honestly, these next 2 days will be the deciding factor if we are going to do this fair again.  The high booth price and low customer number, not sure if it's worth it.  Yesterday, after a heavy diet of chips and salsa, I chipped my tooth. That's right.  Five months until my dentist appoint.  Five months until Pittsburgh and I break a tooth.  WTF.  

We've met a lot of fun people.  I think my favorite was the young guy who shows chickens.  Said he has the best cock in Illinois.... (I'll let that sink in).  He was funny.  Stopped by with his sister and convinced some lady that she could eat our sprinkles.  He repaid us for his stupidity by purchasing a jar. A few days later he stopped by and gave us a ton of Prairie Farms coupon packets. 

Our Top Purple neighbors have been fun to joke with and pass the time. Even the nut ladies came around.  We had some meteorologists across from us who were not only knowledgeable in the eclipse, tornadoes and all things weather related but also binge worthy TV shows. IT has been decided that I need to rewatch Once Upon A Time from the beginning and LIttle House On The Prairie. Chad, the gentleman selling wheelchairs has been really great too.  He is a self-proclaimed kick ass wheelchaeirer and judging from his wicked positive attitude and his arms, I 100% believe him. He owns a farm and has an all terrian wheel chair that lets him do farming and a chair that allows him to "stand" to change light bulbs or whatever.  He's kind of a badass.

As fun as the fair has been, I miss my kids, all three of them (yes, Big too).  I am excited to start our RVing life.  Now, off to Sprinkle the Illinois State Fair!



8/18/17 Illinois...Still

Still going strong at the Illinois State Fair...OK, that;s a lie. There is nothing strong about me right now.  I am tired and look beat.  I did attempt to make up today and the forecast isn't as melty as it was before. The last 3 days were rough.  So slow.  It wasn't that sales were bad, it was that there were NO people here! You can't sell if there are no people! 

Yesterday I booked our off days from now until November.  We spent a little more than originally budgeted for but 4 days are at the beach and we have a stint at JellyStone.  The kids are going to be soooo excited! I miss my kids. These are long days away from them and the hubs.  He is struggling a little too.  They don't listen to him when it comes to school work.  That's ok.  Great think about homeschool is we do it when we do it.  They are off the hook until Tuesday.  Then, the next 2 weeks will be 1/2 days every day! They are hitting up the library today so that is a plus!  

Can't wait to get into a routine.  I really need to work on time management.  I still have to work but now, I can put in an hour while they are working on school work or eating lunch.  Just need to get it done.  

I swear, these will get better as we move along.  For right now, I'm boring, dirty and tired.



8/16/17 Illinois State Fair

Day 7 of the fair.  Our neighbors hate us.  I mean, our one neighbor, the ladies selling Top Purple are great, the "nut ladies", not so much.  This is a tough one for me!  In five years, I have never had neighbors that were unfriendly.  The first full day we were here, they told us we should be sitting behind our booth and letting people come to us.  We kindly explained that we are both successful in our business and train to stand in front to help explain our product, you know, since so many people think it's ice cream. That didn't go over well.  Then yesterday, she told me I have too many choices in scents and that it's hurting our sales, you know, cause when they had lots of fudge flavors, it hurt their sales. We thanked them for their constructive criticism and continued to sell sprinkles like they were going out of style. 4 more days and we won't have to deal the the nuts any longer. 

Today is going to be a gross one.  I think it's like 900% humidity. Thank goodness for my PZ hat!  My hair is much bigger than usual, my shirt is damp from the weather and I have already sweated through my deodorant.  This trip just proves that hubby didn't marry me for my looks!  Stubbly legs, "dewy glow", makeup sliding off of the face and the many ways to wear your hair up equals HOT STUFF.  

The kids are struggling with "school". It makes me laugh.  I have a MASTERS degree and THREE certifications.  I am a tenured teacher in the state of Pennsylvania and was actually PAID to teach! HOWEVER, when I try to educate my own children, they like to repeatedly tell me I don't know what I am doing. I will say that this fair has been a tough one for them.   In the future, we will be staying on the grounds, this one, we stayed 25 mins away.  Long days without mommy make for some miserable kids.  We are all looking forward to the 12-day break in Tennessee. Work hard play hard.... 

When we leave here for Tennessee, we WILL be making some changes.  I feel like they (Brad and the kids) have been living off of Hot Pockets and Fair food.  That isn't how it was supposed to be.  Heading back to basics with the healthy lifestyle. More hikes, more veggies and fruits and more family time.  Less fried foods, fewer libations and a decrease of the kids beating the shit out of each other. 

Tennessee or Bust! 






8/14/17 Day 4 of the Illinois State Fair

Another busy day at the fair. We added a few new zeebs to our teams, which is always a plus. Although adding team members is always AMAZING, I would have to say that the highlight of the day was the Human Touch Massage Chair that I sat in for 30 mins. First, let's start by saying it's like $8000. HOWEVER, the ridiculous message that it gives truly had me contemplating where in the world I could fit this thing in our RV.  As I laid there, I thought up ways to have a pull behind trailer that I could store my Human Touch massager in, so that I could take it anywhere. This chair was better than ANY massage I have ever had.  Like slobbering good. We took turns on the chairs during the 30 min break we allowed ourselves to take.  We needed it after three, 14 hour days on our feet.

Beth and I have decided that this fair is a learning experience when it comes to ordering inventory.  Last night, after vendors headed out at 9, we sat behind our booth to expedite another set of orders.  The next thing we know the shut off all of the light.  I jump up in a panic telling them not to lock us in.  When I was younger, I used to dream about being locked in a mall.  I'd eat what I wanted at the food courts, have a fashion show and sleep in the Bedding department. Being locked in this fair building over night IS NOTHING like my mall dream.

We finished our order and headed out for our end of the night routine. We have come to the conclusion that the ride back gets longer and longer each night so we entertain ourselves with talk about anything and everything, As we pull into the shower house, I realize that for the third time in four nights, I will be taking a sock shower.  That's right.  I will NOT go barefoot in that public shower and my flip flops are back at the RV.  I strip down to the socks and get into the barely lukewarm water to start a quicky clean up and make an attempt to shave my legs. Ladies, I know you feel my pain.  Shaving your legs in cool water is not a pretty picture but it had to be done.  Even if it was a shotty job, it had to be done. You should never have to answer your child's question: "Who's leg is this? Your's or Daddy's?"...EVER. 

Today is another trial and error day.  I am here alone until 5:00 or so until the fam comes out to help.  I can only hope that we will be busy enough to keep the kids working and entertained instead of them going all WWE behind the booth. If I hear one more person cry about their Ipad, I may loose my mind...or what is left of it.  We love Sprinklingg the love but excited for our 12 days of rest after the fair. 




Sunday 8/13 Day 3 of the Illinois State Fair

Today I feel like I went 12 rounds with a heavy weight fighter. Yesterday, Beth and I had our world's rocked by this fair.  It is mind boggling how few people know about PInk Zebra here. 

We work 9-9, then head back to shower, decompress and head to bed.  Wake up at 6am and do it all again.  It's only 10 days, right?  We can do anything for 10 days. I may need some reminders of that as we are going. We are right across from the restrooms, However, the bathrooms at the fair (I know, I have a thing about restrooms) remind me of the bathrooms in Orange is The New Black. Not cool.  Not cool at all.  There was even a cell phone hole in one of the stall walls. (Yes, we checked for a video camera too). Note to self: If I ever feel like breaking the law, remember the bathrooms. 

Hubby is holding down the fort at the camp site.  The kids have made some friends and played all day yesterday.  I can tell that Little man gets sad sometimes but our conversation yesterday made me realize that we are doing the right thing. When I got home, he said, "Mom, today was a great day.  I hung out with Dad all day and he taught me to throw a football.  We've been practicing a lot." Chica is giving him a run for his money when it comes to schooling.  She is really giving him crap. They face time when we have service and call when we can dial out.

Psyching myself up for another killer day at the fair. I can't believe this is my life.  I get to travel with my family, do what I love and help others create their own strong economy.  Yeah.  Never would have thought this would be my bag and I am loving it! 




Starting Today 8/10/17

Ok.  I have officially decided that this lifestyle change needs to be documented.  Let's start today with a summary.  Five years ago, I started selling Pink Zebra Home fragrance. That's when we decided that our retirement goal would be to travel around the country.  Well, after three years with Pink Zebra, we ran our numbers and figured we could do a lot sooner! Fast forward to May of 2017.  We sold our house, bought an RV and decided to travel the country with our two kids and two fur babies for the next few years.  

This summer we did a few trial runs and officially left our home town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 2nd. Our first stop was Illinois! 

We were actually spoiled by our first camp ground host, Mr. Pete.  The Friendship Creek Conservation Site was AMAZING!! Calm, clean, quiet.  Pete greeted us with a warm welcome and even hooked us up with some extra hose since ours wasn't long enough to hit the water faucet.  The grounds were clean and even the hiking trails were well kept.  Showers were immaculate.  

Then, things changed.  We packed up for another state park. Sangchris Lake is BEAUTIFUL.  The property was great and the lake was so pretty at any time of day.  However...the rest rooms were frightening.  Darn you Mr. Pete for spoiling us.  Did you know that the bathrooms are essentially a porta potty?  That's right!  a cement pad with a hole about six feet deep, with a primitive toilet on top of the hole.  While planning this adventure, I never once contemplated having to use this contraption.  I was not digging the fact that voiding into a giant dark hole would be how I start or end m y days. (For the record, I only used it once and thought HEEELLLLL NO!) No one should ever fear for the safety of their butt cheeks.  I mean, even if you are a hoverer, there are flies and stuff coming up out of that hole! My overactive imagination had me convinced that a giant snake or possible raccoon would attack my ass if I used that toilet.  

I enjoy nature and camping/glamping, but I will dig a hole in the woods before I use one of those outhouses again.