Ok.  I have officially decided that this lifestyle change needs to be documented.  Let's start today with a summary.  Five years ago, I started selling Pink Zebra Home fragrance. That's when we decided that our retirement goal would be to travel around the country.  Well, after three years with Pink Zebra, we ran our numbers and figured we could do a lot sooner! Fast forward to May of 2017.  We sold our house, bought an RV and decided to travel the country with our two kids and two fur babies for the next few years.  

This summer we did a few trial runs and officially left our home town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 2nd. Our first stop was Illinois! 

We were actually spoiled by our first camp ground host, Mr. Pete.  The Friendship Creek Conservation Site was AMAZING!! Calm, clean, quiet.  Pete greeted us with a warm welcome and even hooked us up with some extra hose since ours wasn't long enough to hit the water faucet.  The grounds were clean and even the hiking trails were well kept.  Showers were immaculate.  

Then, things changed.  We packed up for another state park. Sangchris Lake is BEAUTIFUL.  The property was great and the lake was so pretty at any time of day.  However...the rest rooms were frightening.  Darn you Mr. Pete for spoiling us.  Did you know that the bathrooms are essentially a porta potty?  That's right!  a cement pad with a hole about six feet deep, with a primitive toilet on top of the hole.  While planning this adventure, I never once contemplated having to use this contraption.  I was not digging the fact that voiding into a giant dark hole would be how I start or end m y days. (For the record, I only used it once and thought HEEELLLLL NO!) No one should ever fear for the safety of their butt cheeks.  I mean, even if you are a hoverer, there are flies and stuff coming up out of that hole! My overactive imagination had me convinced that a giant snake or possible raccoon would attack my ass if I used that toilet.  

I enjoy nature and camping/glamping, but I will dig a hole in the woods before I use one of those outhouses again.