Another busy day at the fair. We added a few new zeebs to our teams, which is always a plus. Although adding team members is always AMAZING, I would have to say that the highlight of the day was the Human Touch Massage Chair that I sat in for 30 mins. First, let's start by saying it's like $8000. HOWEVER, the ridiculous message that it gives truly had me contemplating where in the world I could fit this thing in our RV.  As I laid there, I thought up ways to have a pull behind trailer that I could store my Human Touch massager in, so that I could take it anywhere. This chair was better than ANY massage I have ever had.  Like slobbering good. We took turns on the chairs during the 30 min break we allowed ourselves to take.  We needed it after three, 14 hour days on our feet.

Beth and I have decided that this fair is a learning experience when it comes to ordering inventory.  Last night, after vendors headed out at 9, we sat behind our booth to expedite another set of orders.  The next thing we know the shut off all of the light.  I jump up in a panic telling them not to lock us in.  When I was younger, I used to dream about being locked in a mall.  I'd eat what I wanted at the food courts, have a fashion show and sleep in the Bedding department. Being locked in this fair building over night IS NOTHING like my mall dream.

We finished our order and headed out for our end of the night routine. We have come to the conclusion that the ride back gets longer and longer each night so we entertain ourselves with talk about anything and everything, As we pull into the shower house, I realize that for the third time in four nights, I will be taking a sock shower.  That's right.  I will NOT go barefoot in that public shower and my flip flops are back at the RV.  I strip down to the socks and get into the barely lukewarm water to start a quicky clean up and make an attempt to shave my legs. Ladies, I know you feel my pain.  Shaving your legs in cool water is not a pretty picture but it had to be done.  Even if it was a shotty job, it had to be done. You should never have to answer your child's question: "Who's leg is this? Your's or Daddy's?"...EVER. 

Today is another trial and error day.  I am here alone until 5:00 or so until the fam comes out to help.  I can only hope that we will be busy enough to keep the kids working and entertained instead of them going all WWE behind the booth. If I hear one more person cry about their Ipad, I may loose my mind...or what is left of it.  We love Sprinklingg the love but excited for our 12 days of rest after the fair.