Day 7 of the fair.  Our neighbors hate us.  I mean, our one neighbor, the ladies selling Top Purple are great, the "nut ladies", not so much.  This is a tough one for me!  In five years, I have never had neighbors that were unfriendly.  The first full day we were here, they told us we should be sitting behind our booth and letting people come to us.  We kindly explained that we are both successful in our business and train to stand in front to help explain our product, you know, since so many people think it's ice cream. That didn't go over well.  Then yesterday, she told me I have too many choices in scents and that it's hurting our sales, you know, cause when they had lots of fudge flavors, it hurt their sales. We thanked them for their constructive criticism and continued to sell sprinkles like they were going out of style. 4 more days and we won't have to deal the the nuts any longer. 

Today is going to be a gross one.  I think it's like 900% humidity. Thank goodness for my PZ hat!  My hair is much bigger than usual, my shirt is damp from the weather and I have already sweated through my deodorant.  This trip just proves that hubby didn't marry me for my looks!  Stubbly legs, "dewy glow", makeup sliding off of the face and the many ways to wear your hair up equals HOT STUFF.  

The kids are struggling with "school". It makes me laugh.  I have a MASTERS degree and THREE certifications.  I am a tenured teacher in the state of Pennsylvania and was actually PAID to teach! HOWEVER, when I try to educate my own children, they like to repeatedly tell me I don't know what I am doing. I will say that this fair has been a tough one for them.   In the future, we will be staying on the grounds, this one, we stayed 25 mins away.  Long days without mommy make for some miserable kids.  We are all looking forward to the 12-day break in Tennessee. Work hard play hard.... 

When we leave here for Tennessee, we WILL be making some changes.  I feel like they (Brad and the kids) have been living off of Hot Pockets and Fair food.  That isn't how it was supposed to be.  Heading back to basics with the healthy lifestyle. More hikes, more veggies and fruits and more family time.  Less fried foods, fewer libations and a decrease of the kids beating the shit out of each other. 

Tennessee or Bust!