Still going strong at the Illinois State Fair...OK, that;s a lie. There is nothing strong about me right now.  I am tired and look beat.  I did attempt to make up today and the forecast isn't as melty as it was before. The last 3 days were rough.  So slow.  It wasn't that sales were bad, it was that there were NO people here! You can't sell if there are no people! 

Yesterday I booked our off days from now until November.  We spent a little more than originally budgeted for but 4 days are at the beach and we have a stint at JellyStone.  The kids are going to be soooo excited! I miss my kids. These are long days away from them and the hubs.  He is struggling a little too.  They don't listen to him when it comes to school work.  That's ok.  Great think about homeschool is we do it when we do it.  They are off the hook until Tuesday.  Then, the next 2 weeks will be 1/2 days every day! They are hitting up the library today so that is a plus!  

Can't wait to get into a routine.  I really need to work on time management.  I still have to work but now, I can put in an hour while they are working on school work or eating lunch.  Just need to get it done.  

I swear, these will get better as we move along.  For right now, I'm boring, dirty and tired.