Don't get me wrong, I love waking up every morning and heading out to sprinkle the love to those people that do not know anything about us, but...I'm freakin tired.  My ear hurts because my allergies have been a tad yuck for the last few mornings. It's the AC. The giant building we are in has a constant hum of a ventilation system, so loud we can't enjoy our music, music that we need today to keep us pumped up.  It's my kick ass playlist. 

Yesterday was slow and honestly, these next 2 days will be the deciding factor if we are going to do this fair again.  The high booth price and low customer number, not sure if it's worth it.  Yesterday, after a heavy diet of chips and salsa, I chipped my tooth. That's right.  Five months until my dentist appoint.  Five months until Pittsburgh and I break a tooth.  WTF.  

We've met a lot of fun people.  I think my favorite was the young guy who shows chickens.  Said he has the best cock in Illinois.... (I'll let that sink in).  He was funny.  Stopped by with his sister and convinced some lady that she could eat our sprinkles.  He repaid us for his stupidity by purchasing a jar. A few days later he stopped by and gave us a ton of Prairie Farms coupon packets. 

Our Top Purple neighbors have been fun to joke with and pass the time. Even the nut ladies came around.  We had some meteorologists across from us who were not only knowledgeable in the eclipse, tornadoes and all things weather related but also binge worthy TV shows. IT has been decided that I need to rewatch Once Upon A Time from the beginning and LIttle House On The Prairie. Chad, the gentleman selling wheelchairs has been really great too.  He is a self-proclaimed kick ass wheelchaeirer and judging from his wicked positive attitude and his arms, I 100% believe him. He owns a farm and has an all terrian wheel chair that lets him do farming and a chair that allows him to "stand" to change light bulbs or whatever.  He's kind of a badass.

As fun as the fair has been, I miss my kids, all three of them (yes, Big too).  I am excited to start our RVing life.  Now, off to Sprinkle the Illinois State Fair!