We finally finished up the Illinois State fair!  We were fortunate enough to be in the path of the Totality of the Eclipse for our drive to Saulsbury Tennessee.  We decided to take our time and stop off in Marion Illinois to see this once in a life time eclipse (ok, so it'll be happening in Pittsburgh in seven years...but still) 

We pulled off into a Cracker Barrell parking lot to enough the eclipse with a few hundred other people. Since we had only snagged two pairs of glasses, we had to share.  We were blessed to be across from meteorologists during the fair.  They filled us all in on what we should do and what we would experience.  Those words did not prepare us for the EPIC AWESOMENESS we were apart of. As the moon started making its way across the sun, it became darker and darker.  So dark that the night time insects started chirping and the street lights came on...at 1:20 pm. For two mins and 45 seconds, it felt like 9 pm. It was such a unique experience and I am so glad my kids (ok, and Brad and I too) got to experience something so historic first hand.

We jumped back in the vehicles and started off towards Tennessee.  We rolled into our campsite about 7:30 pm and started the setup procedures. Once the majority was finished outside, the kids and I came inside to work on this setup. Within a few minutes, there was a pissed off knock on the door.  Big was standing there angrily demanding his shower stuff and a change of clothes.  Turns out there was some kind of air pocket in the shitter hose and when he went to open the valve, poo water came flying out. What a grand way to end the first night.

THe next morning we decided to head to the laundromat to do all of our laundry at once. when I arrived with the kids, I realized that this was not somewhere I wanted to be.  After losing $8.00 we found three working washers and two working dryers out of 40...FORTY!!! It was hot, gross and lacked any kind of plug.  Chica begged to do her school work when we got back since the papers were sticking to her arms because of the heat.  Had I been in better shape, I would have stripped down to my sports bra and tossed the shirt I was wearing into the wash too since it had sweat marks all over it.  The kids looked like I had hosed them down.  

We left (miserable) to head to get hair cuts.  After googling three separate hair solons and driving to them to find the closed or closed down, we realized hair cuts weren't in the cards for us today. We decided to just go to Walmart...our happy place...

After spending way too much money to much money at Walmart, we headed home. As I was driving down the road, five police cars come whipping down the road towards us and I notice another coming from behind.  I pull over to let the police officer behind me pass and notice he too pulls over.  He gets out and asks me if I know why he pulled me over.  I said, "No, I really don't have any idea".  Supposedly he clocked me going 68mph in a 45. Now, I have had a speeding ticket before.  When I was pulled over and asked that same question, I admitted to the wrong doing.  This time, I couldn't.  I explained to him that I had just left the Walmart parking lot and can't figure out how it was physically possible for me to pick up that much speed.  He kindly gave me my ticket and went about his day as I grumbled and SLOWLY pulled away. What a great way to start our Tennessee vacation,