You know what I did today?  Nothing.  Ok, not nothing really because that just isn't me.  I woke up to find that my unlimited data with Sprint is not unlimited.  Something about roaming...blah, blah, blah. I headed off on my bike to the rec center to make the call and get some info about what was happening to my internet.  The call sucked.  I really can't find anything nice to say about Sprint.  After that, I did a team call about our Booking Blitz and we biked back to the RV. 

Math and reading were finished by lunch time and we dressed and lotioned up for the pool. I. Read. A Book.  Not an educational book.  Not a business book. Just a book for fun.  Actually, it is a really good book that little man let me borrow.  The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark.  It's all about rides and people (good and evil) coming to life and some kids having to save everyone.  Lots of cool Disney secrets! 

After a few hours at the pool, we came back and worked on an art project. Once the kids got the hang of it, I took a nap.  Yep.  A nap.  Uninterrupted...until kids got hungry.  It amazes me that they will not ask their dad for anything.  It's like I am the only adult around that can possibly assist them in whatever they must have at any given moment. HOWEVER, I have been getting a lot of extra I love yous. 

We made tacos as a family tonight and then took the dogs for a walk.  Kids rode their bikes.  Tomorrow we are heading out to a National Park to hit up a science/history lesson.  Still on a mission to get Bell's hair cut.  It's like a matted dog.  She HATES to brush it.  

So far so good on the home front.  Still trying to get into a routine.We are downsizing as we go and adding what we need.  Trying to find hidden places to store things.  We are really needing a pull behind trailer. That's the goal.  Off to look for one and watch Norm of the North.  It's chica's turn to pick.  Last night, I picked Mary Poppins.