We made it to Memphis!  Ok, actually it was only about an hour away and we were kind of jacked that we didn't realize that last week.  We totally could have come and explored Memphis...without the rain!! Instead, we arrived at the Delta Music fest around 9 am to set up our booth.  We knew that Harvey, formerly known as Hurricane Hervey, would be heading our way and dumping a butt load of rain our way. 

We emptied the car and RV and decided to set up our RV site before the booth...You know, because of the rain.  We waited for about an hour or so before someone could direct us to our RV spot.  I arrived at the spot first...thank God. I knew as soon as I arrived and had to ask for the garbage to be removed, that this spot wasn't going to cut it.  I walkie-talkied, (let's say radioed...it sounds better), radioed to Brad and explained the situation.  He met me and explained to the nice gentleman that we would sink.  We opted for no sewage for the week instead of the cesspool of filth. 

We set up the RV while it was drizzling and headed back to set up our booth.  About 30 mins in, a lovely group of volunteers walked over and let us know we needed to seek shelter due to a tornado warning. I thought little B was going to shit his pants.  He immediately started to freak out about the dogs in the RV.  The volunteers explained to him that this was routine and that they (natives) were NOT worried!  We waited it out for about 30 mins and went back to work As a reward for our accomplishments, we treated ourselves to BBQ on Beale Street. It was completely empty.  I do believe we were the only souls to brave the weather for some grub! BRad was happy with his full rack and a Big Ass Beer.  The kids were even happier with their pop in a Big Ass Beer cup!  Using our umbrellas as shields, we ventured to the car and headed to our favorite place.  WALMART! We vowed to stick to the list and did so only adding a pair of much-needed slippers for chica.

Home to the pups and ankle deep water while unloading the groceries.  We put everything away and popped in a movie to decrease the tension of our RV shaking in the wind.  It poured down rain all night.  I slept on the couch with chica and the little man fell asleep during Rudy. He did tell me that when he is scared, he likes to fall asleep to a good movie so he has happy dreams.  Ah.  Rudy.   

All is well in the Lynch-mobile.