Let me start off by saying, DAAAANNNGGG I really need to make sure that I stay on this when we leave again.  For now, we are back in the Burgh, freezing our butts off.  It was so nice coming home and seeing everyone. We all had a great Christmas.  I must say tomorrow is my first day to just chill out.  We have been running every day since the 16th of December.  The weather makes me not want to get out of my jammies and the kids are like, "what school work".  Tomorrow, we get back in the saddle.

We have a busy few weeks before we head out again.  We have officially planned out our February and will be working on March this week. The RV needs to be emptied of things we aren't using, books we have read and food that probably isn't good anymore. The following week we will work on getting it back up and running and functioning the way we will need. 

We are all so looking forward to our journey out west as we have never been before. Another part of the planning process.  Yes, we, at times, fly by the seat of our pants but tend to plan out activities and the finances to go along with it.  We also need to book our upcoming events! 

As we get closer to departure date, we can work on getting Dad's house back together again. It's amazing what an extra 4 people and 2 dogs and Christmas, can do to a home.  

Excited to continue to share our journey with anyone interested in vitually tagging along.