Ok.  I've drastically slacked off.  Like, I even wrote some daily blogs and just never published them. So, I am starting fresh.  Yep.  We have done A TON of stuff but I can't dwell on the fact that I was a blogging slacker.  I can only go forward from here.  

Welcome to Nevada.

This go round, we are pretty much maxing out our stays with four days in an area.  We rolled into the Las Vegas Thousand Trails and, I must say, were a little creeped out. It is a far cry from one of the nicer resorts that we have stayed but, it served its purpose.  There is a pool for Big to take the kids so that I can work and it is in the middle of everything we wanted to do.  

Day 1We decided, due to work commitments, that Day 1 would be us exploring the Strip.  We had intended to hit up a show in the evening but there was so much to do that we had to reschedule to the trip home. We parked (for FREE) at Circus Circus and walked through the resort. The kids were amazed at home big everything was.  Of course, the $0.99 souvenirs really grabbed their attention too. 

We pretty much walked the strip going in and out of the resorts exploring and admiring.  We stopped in Paris to eat and boy, did we get our monies worth. Our kiddos ate soooooo much.  They loved the atmosphere and even tried some new foods.  Ok...new to them.  Bell's had tortellini and B had capers. If only my camera would have been rolling.  He gagged it down and almost let it come back up. BUT he tried something. Proud of them.

Day 2:

Day two lead us to the Hoover Dam.  As exciting as the dam was, the kids enjoyed being able to say "dam" without consequence. Little was really interested in the history (Hoover was his president in 2nd grade) and the immenseness of the dam.  Chica didn't want to be there. Her high light was that she got a yo-yo from the gift shop.  Super kid friendly and hands on.  It was very interesting and great for road schooling.

Day 3:  Red Rock

Our last day was a blast.  I think one of the highlights of our entire trip.  The kids used their birthday money and bought walking sticks. We hiked for a few hours, climbing all over the rocks.  Of course, Red Rock had a great Junior Ranger program.  The kids decided to work on it after we reached the top of our climb.  I am so proud of them.  The climb was not an easy one.  We had to do some scrambling on the rocks, jumping, sliding and a few parts where we had to inch across. They were amazing!

Nevada is beautiful.  May be my most favorite state so far.   


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