Can you believe it?  That is right! Pink Zebra has a fundraiser program, and a great one at that.  From dollar one, you earn 40% towards your cause. 40%! That's bananas, (actually it's not bananas. It's Amaretto, Red Delicious Apple, All Spicy and Sweet Pea and Lily, just to name a few.) It's super easy on your part.  We schedule a meeting.  I bring the goods (the sample scents). You smell them, you fall in love with them and BOOM! Fundraiser begins! 

Today is a busy day in the Sprinkle Pittsburgh house hold. All focused around fundraising! Dropping off a pack of 100 forms to a local competitive cheer studio.  Just finished up a junior high school class that is trying to earn money for prom and solidifying pick up for a high school girls basketball team.  Of course my mini me is with me for the first half of the day until preschool!  She loves helping with PInk Zebra. One of the great things about working from home is that my family can help out.  If it is something big, I may give them a dollar a piece for their "pay" but honestly, they know, even at 4 and 7, what we have been able to do because of PInk Zebra.  

We are off to spread the PZ love!