That's right, the Lynchs love the fall. Jeans and sweat shirts.  Hot chocolate by the bonfire, crunching leaves beneath your feet. LOVE IT! This weekend we hit Simmon's farm for our annual pumpkin hunt.  It is such a family friendly place with a 5 acre hay maze (yes, we totally got lost and were wondering around for 28 mins), slides, bonfires, food and fun.  If you live in the Washington, Pa area, you gotta check it out.

When we were little we had this pumpkin patch rule.  If you couldn't carry it, you couldn't get it.  Not sure what happened in our house because my two picked the biggest ones that they could find! Chica looked at daddy with puppy dog eyes and said "But Daddy, I love this pumpkin" BooChicken had a blast in the hay maze and just getting dirty.  This year my amazing husband chose not to attempt to crawl through a tire that we all knew he couldn't fit through last year.  All in all our day was a success!  This week we will be carving our own.  Can't wait to show my PZ love this Halloween!