Thanksgiving is almost here and with the holiday of giving thanks, we, as a society, trample each other to get the best holiday deals. This year, that won't be me.  Now, I'm not, not shopping on Thursday and Friday in protest of workers having to work, because honestly, there are many other fields out there other than retail that work holidays.  I spent 3 years in retail and 3 years in a hospital setting both working holidays.  I am sorry that you got scheduled Thursday night to work BUT, so did: Firemen, police officers, hospital workers, bus drivers, restaurant workers, hotel workers, cleaning people, steel mill workers, coal miners, EMTs, etc (see my point).  I am not shopping this Thursday/Friday because I will be shopping on Saturday.  This Saturday is Small Business Saturday.  I will be helping all of those people out there trying to make their dream come true.  

That is what Pink Zebra is, a small business.  I own my own business.  I work the hours I can and I work the business so that it fits into my life.  My goal is to retire my husband from his job as an executive chef so that we can travel the country with our 2 crazy offspring and our 2 crazy fur babies. Do I have big dream? Absolutely? Do I work my tail off? You bet? Does my entire team want the same thing? Nope, and that is OK.  That is what is great about working for yourself! I work, well over 40 hours a week at Pink Zebra, but that is me.  Some people on my team work 1-2 parties a month simply to make a car payment, or have some extra spending money.  Guess what! That's OK too.  

The important thing is, when you buy from small businesses, you aren't lining the pockets of a CEO, while the employers are barely getting by on minimum wage.  When you buy from small businesses, you are helping someone pay their mortgage, or helping put a child though piano lessons, or giving them the opportunity to be a part of a team by paying for hockey, or baseball. Buying from small businesses helps build the confidence of an entrepreneur. You are showing him/her that what she is offering if worth your time and money.  So this weekend, head on over to some craft shows or vendor shows, head to some local mom and pop shops, maybe that local bakery or brewery and help out a small business.  Just remember, although we promote small businesses Saturday every year, I challenge you to support them all year. 

Of course, I should include...If you need any home fragrance or home decor gifts for the holiday season, make sure to check out the online catalog.  Looking for the perfect, in law gift, or something for that teacher in your life? How about someone who won't spend that little extra on themselves? I can help you find the perfect scent and the burner to go along with it!