Oh My! I can't believe that 2015 is here! I want to start by saying that 2014 was a year of changes for us.  I truly can't express the craziness of my former job.  Yes, I was a teacher. Yes, I had weekends and summers off. BUT that does not make up for the mental and, at times physical abuse, that I was exposed to.  I would literally throw up on Sunday nights in anticipation of the upcoming week. Now I like to pride myself on being a bit of a badass and, keep in mind that I worked for about 3 years in a locked, inpatient psychiatric institute before becoming a teacher. I am not naive to what is out there. However, in the psych ward, we had support. As a teacher, I did not. Without getting into a HUGE debate about teachers (because I do believe that they deserved to be paid as any professional should be being that they are educating our future leaders with their 4-8 year degrees), I'll just leave it at: My job was making me feel like I was going crazy!

So what did I do? I quit! I fired my boss. Yep, with the support of my family, I took on Pink Zebra full time.  Was it tough? Absolutely! Was it worth it? Absolutely!

This post goes out to all of those people who hate their job, that don't make enough money, that don't have enough time with their families.  Do you have to do what I did? No.  You can do this job on the side, I did that for a year and a half. My part time job paid for a week long trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, new appliances in our house, paid off a credit card (twice), and numerous weekend getaways, oh, and a trip to Disney,  before it became my full time income. It has helped me make some amazing friends, both teammates, other vendors and party hostesses.  Because of Pink Zebra, I have been able to help people change their lives either through our HEROES program or having them sign on to our team, Paisley Freedom. 

Pink Zebra is a ground floor company.  That means that the market isn't saturated.  There are a lot of Direct Sales companies out there that are wonderful, that I personally buy from, but joining would be crazy because you could throw a stone and hit a rep from one of those companies. Not with PInk Zebra. Here you are starting with a new company that is booming. Top level in our career plan hasn't even been met yet! Our product is unique in the industry and consumable.  When people are out of their sprinkles, they order more!

This is a new year. Why not invest in yourself. Take a chance on you.  You won't be alone.  I pride myself on the support we offer both through PInk Zebra and my personal team.  Think about it.  When I joined, my husband made the comment, "We've spent $100.00 on dumber stuff.  At least the house will spell good for a while" Here we are, 2 years later. 

Please stay tuned to SpinkleTheCity blog for all kinds of interesting entries throughout the year.  We will be discussing working from home, goal setting, organization, vacationing, and more.  SprinkleTheCity is a work from home mom who loves Pink Zebra, mudd runs, vacationing and of course friends and family.