We finally made it!  Yes, these crazy Pittsburghers thought it would be a great idea to drive to Orlando for our Disney/Universal family vacation.  Before you call us insane (and yes, after 15 hours in the car, we were a little insane), let me defend our decision.  We are staying in a BEAUTIFUL 6 bedroom house, 8 adults and 2 kiddos. Having traveled to many different resorts, we have compiled a list of things that most resorts do not supply.  One being a giant pot to cook spaghetti (which we forgot) and a wine/bottle opener.  Heading to the parks, there is also a gigantic list of things that we needed to take to make our park days run smoothly. Some of these items include, souvenirs that we purchased in advance, glow necklaces, backpack, etc.  (See link.) We also still bring a stroller, even though our baby is 5.  The stroller becomes a spot to rest for the munchkin and a great place to toss everything that we don't want to carry.  Long story short, we have a lot of crap to take and driving was more economical this time around. 

Kids went to school on Friday (no idea how they didn't explode from excitement), took their tests and brought home their vacation homework.  By this time, Hubby and I had the house cleaned for the fur baby sitters, everything packed and ready for the car, car cleaned and gassed.  I still had a few errands to run but we didn't plan on leaving till 9pm.  By leaving at 9pm, we figured the kids would be asleep by 10 and would sleep the majority of the night leaving very little time for them to beat the crap out each other. The downfall, hubby hates when I drive so he would be pulling an all nighter.  With a four pack of Red Bull and two Mountain Dews, he was ready to roll (or fly...he was pretty caffeined up).

Due to excitement, we left one hour early and arrived five hours before check in.  After stopping for breakfast and heading to the house to check it out, we headed out to get some CUPCAKES!! This is a tradition that Big and I started a few years back.  After some research, we decided on JIllycakes.  Jillycakes is located in Winter Park, Florida.  The area was beautiful and relaxing.  Nestled among several shops on the Lake at Winter Park, you are able to get your cupcake on and then head around back and enjoy the view.  

12-1...We started to eat before we realized we forgot the photo!

12-1...We started to eat before we realized we forgot the photo!

As usual, we purchased a dozen different cupcakes, (which we cut and fours so we can each have a taste of them all) and sat on the couch to try a few.  The cupcakes looked pretty good. Pink Lemonade, Hot Chocolate, Oreo, and so many more delicious flavors ready to be devoured. Having been crowned the season 6 winner of Cupcake Wars, the expectations were high.  I will say, the hot chocolate cupcake delivered!  It was by far my favorite.  It was such a different flavor than the traditional chocolate.  The kids loved the Oreo cupcake and as usual, Big loved his Peanut Butter one.  We couldn't manage to finish all the cupcakes right away and decided to take them back with us to share with everyone else. The majority were a hit but I must say, they just aren't as good the next day. 

After getting settled and grocery shopping, everyone headed to bed to prepare for a full day of...doing nothing!!! Stay tuned for more info on Orlando!