I love the last week of December!  When I was younger, I used to count down the days to New Years Eve.  As a child, it was that night where you tried your darnedest to stay awake until midnight so that you could run outside and bang some pots and pans together...outside...without getting in trouble!  Then as a young adult, it was partying with friends and getting a smooch when the clock hit midnight.  Now, as a mom and wife, I still look for that smooch as the clock ticks down to zero (lucky me, I now get 3 kisses!) but it's no longer about partying or banging pots, (OK, I'd be lying if I said I didn't like to watch my kids yell and scream and bang away), it's about making a change.  

Every year, I (we) make New Year's resolutions: Lose weight, get healthy, blah, blah, blah.  It's always the same thing, year in and year out.  Every year, we go hard core until March, then we tend to forget what it was we were working on.  This year, I started early and I came up with a plan.  You know me!  It is all about the plan.  This year, there are big changes coming, from fixing things around the house to fixing things about me.  I realize that the only thing that I have control over is my choices and this year, I will make better choices.  

This year I will choose:

  1. to be happy
  2. to not be drowned by negativity
  3. to be active
  4. my kids over my phone
  5. to help as may people as I can in changing their lives with Pink Zebra
  6. to reduce my carbon footprint
  7. to go back to basics in my job, my relationships, eating, working out, and anything else I can think of. 
  8. to use less chemicals and eat less processed
  9. to do more and have less 

In my house, just like in most houses out there, as the novelty wears off, you can be met with road blocks and obstacles.  Significant others, kids, in laws, really anyone who doesn't feel that what you are doing is worth it, can really bring you down when you are trying to better yourself, your family, your finances, your planet, whatever it may be.  When changes are being made that aren't "easy" or "fun", people get bored and want to drop back into their old ways, you included!  Stay strong.  Remember why you choose to make the changes that you are making.  Most importantly, go in with a plan!  

Do you have to plan EVERY aspect of your life?  Maybe to start, yes!  BUT, stick to your schedule/plan 80% of the time and the other 20% of the time, be flexible or spontaneous!  Need some help on the planning part?  Stick with me! Follow along and see how things are going!