If someone would have told me that I could organize my life in 15 minutes, I would have laughed in their face.  Come on!  Maybe they can but I'm a member of a FOUR person family.  I pretty much run the show here, while I work. There are TWO little people (and at times one big one) that rely on me for EVERYTHING!  There is no way I can get my sh#t together in 15 mins.  

Then, I met Belinda Ellsworth.  Long story short, she is a direct sales guru.  I heard her speak at our yearly Pink Zebra Reunion (conference) and what she said changed my life. Belinda introduced me to the Power Hour.  Long story short, what I took away was that business and life can be broken down into 15 minute increments. Now, hear me out.  You make a list of EVERYTHING you have to do today.  You stare at it, you may get a few things finished and they realize that there is no way you can do it all.  You deviate from the list, you find other things to do.  Heck, you may even catch up on a Netflix binge (currently watching One Tree Hill...don't judge me).  Been there, done that.  I knew I had to make a change in my business (working from home and jobs around the house can be difficult to separate) and in my personal life before I completely lost my mind.  

I was always saying that I didn't have enough time.  Belinda suggested getting one of those 15 min increment planners and for 3 days writing down EVERYTHING you do.  At the end of those 3 days, see how much "time" you have wasted.  I didn't have to write it down.  As soon as I actually thought about it, I realized that this was an organization and follow through problem, not a time problem.  I started to look at my list from a different point of view.  Instead of looking at the bathroom upstairs and thinking "There isn't time to clean it now.  It'll take forever. I'll do it tomorrow.", now I think of where in my day I have 15 mins to clean the bathroom.  Yes, I can scrub my bathroom in 15 mins and I do so when the kids are getting ready for school. The alarm goes off. They slowly get up and dressed and while that is happening, I'm cleaning the bathroom. That used to be a 15 mins of "wasted time" for me.  

Step 1: Make a list of everything you can do In 15 minutes.


  1. Clean bathroom

  2. Organize linen closet

  3. Organize medicine cabinet/first aid supplies


  1. Unload/reload dishwasher. Scrub pots and pans.

  2. Organize pots and pan closet

  3. Organize pantry

  4. Clean fridge/freezer

  5. Wipe down cabinets and counter tops

  6. Make school/work lunches

  7. Pull everything needed for dinner

  8. Shopping list (unless you are meal planning then you should be doing the list as you meal plan)


  1. Organize night stands.

  2. Organize jewelry/purses

  3. Organize shoes

  4. Organize hanging clothes

  5. Organize socks and underwear drawers

  6. Organize dresser drawers.

  7. Change bedding

  8. Unload, reload dishwasher. Scrub pots and pans.

  9. Organize your shoes

  10. Organized hanging close in closet.

  11. Kids closet (one at a time)

Laundry Room

  1. Cleaning supplies

  2. Make your own cleaning supplies/detergent (yes, I started that. I'll let you know how it goes)

  3. Laundry room itself

  4. Fold and PUT AWAY a load of laundry


  1. Clean off desk.

  2. File paperwork

  3. Organize 1 section of specific paperwork

  4. Clean out your email

  5. Declutter magazines and books


  1. Send/check emails

  2. Scheduled Social Media time

  3. Phone calls

  4. Write "thank yous" or notes


  1. Dining room

  2. Clean inside of car. (basic cleaning not crazy detailing like my husband does)

  3. Entertainment Area

  4. Clean all windows

  5. Sweep/vacuum all floors

  6. Swiffer or wipe down fan blades. (do it BEFORE you vacuum)

  7. Go through mail

  8. To do list for next day.

I am sure that there are even more 15 in activities.  Please feel free to comment below!

Step 2:  Make a list of your BIG projects 

I keep an ongoing projects list on my refrigerator.  Why?  Well, sometimes, I have more than 15 mins.  Or better yet, there may be a part of a project that I can complete in 15 mins. By keeping this list out in the open where I (and husband) can see, tasks are more likely to be completed and scratched off the list.  (I love the feeling of scratching something off as being completed!)

Step 3:  Make a schedule.

In step 1, one of our 15 min activities is to make a list of things to do for the following day.  Do this BEFORE you go to bed at night.  This is something that extremely successful people do daily (or nightly).  Seriously, Google it. When you make your list, use two columns.  One for MUST DO and one for IF THERE'S TIME.  Prioritize your Must Do list and DO IT.  If you look at your day in 15 minute increments, it is easy to schedule.  

The whole point is baby steps.  I know that my biggest problem was wanting to do everything right now.  I was an ADHD cleaner (and yes, I do have ADHD) .  I would start in one room and take everything out.  I would wipe out drawers, clean under beds, etc.  Then when it came time to put stuff away, I was perfectly fine until I found something that didn't belong.  Instead of putting it to the side, or in a "needs a home" box, I would go attempt to put it where it belongs and then decide to clean that room! My husband would come home to a ransacked house ready to have a nervous breakdown.  Fifteen  minute organization didn't just help me, it also saved my husbands sanity!