My husband and I will be heading to Sandals Negril in Jamaica at the end of April.  Five days, four nights, all inclusive. The best part, it was FREE!! I actually earned this trip for the two of us  (along with about 40 other zebras) through Pink Zebra.  Every year they have an incentive Vacation/Ipad/Laptop.  Here is the kicker.  We were married at this exact same resort, 9 years earlier.  Just me and hubby and my parents.  We are really excited because we are going to retie the knot and share this event with out zebra family. It's gonna be a blast. But first things first.  We must shop.

We live in Pittsburgh Pa.  If you aren't familiar with our weather pattern, check it out.  We can have rain, high 70s and snow all in two days.  Our winter was pretty cold, dark and dreary and now the rain is here.  Honestly, I think we have only had two days of sun in four months.  I love to work out but running outside in the negative temps is just not good for my breathing.  I applaud those of you that can pull it off.  So what does this have to do with Jamaica?

Do you know how hard it is to shop for summer clothes with a winter body? Yeah. You know what I'm talking about.  All winter, my yoga pants and sweat shirts keep me warm (along with the few extra winter pounds I put on). The weather starts to warm up and we lose the sweat shirt and realize that those summer clothes just won't fit quiet yet.  Every other year, I have time to get back into beach body shape since by late May we can pretty much guarantee that summer is here. This year, Jamaica was thrown into the mix.  Did I know about it? Yes. Should I have prepared better? Yes, but there is no time to point fingers on who's fault this is. All I know is that this week, I need to find a dress to renew my vows in, a bathing suit and three cute/comfy beach outfits...and shoes.

Here is how it works. I wake up and do my hair and make up because honestly, clothes look better on you in the dressing room lighting (which is shameful) when your hair and face are on. I find the clothes I would like to try on in the size I currently am but also grab the next size down, just in case. I head to the dressing room, arms full and begin to mentally prepare myself for what is about to go down. After hanging all of my possibilities on the hooks, I strip down to my most flattering bra (not in color but the one that makes my boobs look the best) and unmentionables that expose the least amount of muffin top as possible. I admire my pasty white legs that now have a sock line right above the ankle and mentally pat myself on the back for remembering to shave.  Since we are already laying it all on the line, I'll just say it; the razor takes a few days off a week during the winter months. I start with the bathing suits, which always look great with bunched up underwear underneath, and wonder who in the hell designed this stuff.  I can't be the only person out there that can't do the bikini but doesn't want to match my gram.  What about all of us, not quiet middle aged moms that still want to look fashionable.  With that said and done, we move on to outfits.  As I try on one after another, I can't quiet get a good look in the mirror with the light reflecting off of my legs, bouncing off the mirror and blinding me. I once again, make a mental note to pick up some self tanner, (cause that always works so well.) I decide that there is enough time (19 days) for me to wait one more week to shed a few more pounds, slather on the self tanner and head back to the mall.  Being that my toenails are done, I am able to pick up some sandals and can chalk up this trip to the mall as a success.

I think next year, I will set reminders on my phone and calendar, maybe somewhere around December 3, again, in January.  You know, like a summer clothes countdown.  I mean, I know it's coming it just always seems further away than it really is. 

To all of my winter body mommas out there, I'm right there with you.  Keep in mind that you have a rockin body. Every scar and extra pound and stretch mark is yours.  You earned that growing babies and nurturing them.  Don't hate your body, take care of it.  And it you hate those summer months where skimpy clothes are all the rage, move to Pittsburgh! Before you know it, it'll be yoga pants ans sweats again!