Random right?  NO!!! I was figuring our my daily schedule for this week and had to figure out where to fit in showering.  Yes.  It's true.  Many women HATE to shower.  It isn't the cleanliness that we hate, it's all the bullshit that goes along with it.  Let's think about it.  We have to schedule our entire day around our shower, waking up hours before we have to leave for work, having to start the pre-going out ritual well before our significant others.  Throw some kids into the mix and it's a miracle we can get anything else done. New baby, hell, you can go days without taking a shower and when you do, it's' just to rinse of the funk.  The amount of time and effort we need ed to look presentable is cray cray but  before I get into women showering, let's look at the typical routine of a man.


I have really broken this down step by step. 

  1. Go into bathroom and lock the door.
  2. Take a poop.
  3. Wash hands. Slather on shaving cream. Shave face. 
  4. Take off clothes (may or may not put in hamper)
  5. Get into shower.
  6. Lather hair with shampoo.
  7. Lather body with soap.
  8. Rinse everything.
  9. Dry off
  10. Deodorant/ Man spray
  11. Gel/Comb hair
  12. Brush teeth.
  13. Done in bathroom.


  1. Go into bathroom. Don't lock the door because the kids may need you. 
  2. Floss/Brush teeth. Realize the sink if filthy so you run a rag over it. 
  3. Get in shower. Wipe down the walls while you are in there. 
  4. Lather shampoo on hair.
  5. Rinse
  6. Lather conditioner on hair (leave on till the end of the shower to help with split ends)
  7. Lather your loofa scrub to exfoliate while washing.
  8. Rinse body and lather with shaving cream.
  9. Shave legs.
  10. Shave armpits.
  11. Shave anything else that needs shaved
  12. Rinse body thoroughly
  13. Rinse hair
  14. Wash face with facial cleanser.
  15. Rerinse everything.
  16. Turn off shower and pat dry (while still in there) . Don't rub, it's bad for your skin and you need some of that water to stay on your skin to help moisturizer. 
  17. While in the shower, use baby oil to lock in moister.
  18. Comb hair.
  19. Add protective gel.
  20. Dry hair.
  21. Straighten/Curl hair (spraying each section with protective spray so that you do not damage hair further)
  22. Style hair.
  23. Lotion/moisturize face.
  24. Pluck eyebrows.
  25. Put on make up.
  26. Wipe down the counter top and mirror and put away all the tools you just used to get ready for the day.

Do you see how different these two lists are?  Don't get me wrong.  I love the hot water beating down on me after a great workout or a long day.  I love the smell of the soap and being clean.  But taking a shower is a huge hassle. Oh, the woes of being a woman.