Recently, I earned an all inclusive, trip for 2, to  Sandal's Negril.  Pink Zebra (the AMAZING company that I do direct sales with)  ran an incentive from August 2014 to February 2015.  We earned points for accomplishing certain things throughout those months; 1 point per dollar in sales, holding your paid as title, etc, etc.  It was announced in March that there would be 75 Zebras attending our trip! How exciting!! The best part, my husband and I were married at the EXACT resort 9 years prior! What would make this trip better? (I mean other than the fact that this time, we paid NOTHING?) My husband and I had all intention of returning on our 10 year anniversary and renewing our vows but when this incentive was announced, we new we had to earn this trip. We were so fortunate to renew our vows with our Pink Zebra family in attendance. 

What is sandals negril?

Sandals Negril is an all inclusive resort for couples only.  No screaming children.  No early dinner times do reduce crazy tired kid syndrome. Now don't get me wrong, I love my babies, BUT it was soooooo nice to have grown up time. I mean, I actually fell asleep on the beach for a few hours. *sigh* 

Seriously, close your eyes and block out the screaming kids in the background and the never ending laundry that is calling out to you. Imagine a resort only filled with grown ups.  The private beach is filled with numerous umbrellas settled between 2 lounge chairs, a perfect spot for you and your significant other to relax and talk. If that isn't your cup of tea, try one of the many hammocks strategically placed on the resort.  The water is a clear blue and you can find starfish during your morning swim. What you won't find are sea urchins because it is someones job to remove them from the swim area so the swimmers don't get stung.  The warm sand between your toes stretches for 7 miles (private beach) so you won't be bothered by anyone trying to sell you anything.  At times you may hear some reggae music playing or simply the soft whoosh of the waves gently hitting the shore. All is calm throughout the morning and afternoon. The display of food is immense and you aren't quiet sure where to start but while eating, you plan where you are going to eat next, cause hey, it's already paid for.   The employees, with their friendly smiles, are always checking on you to see if you need anything, including always having a drink in your hand.  Each employee you walked past has a smile and "good day"  for you.  The slow and steady lifestyle is a little tough to adjust to when you are always moving, moving, moving but after your first night, you stop checking the time and just enjoyed your surroundings. 

Perfect, right? RIGHT!


Sandals Negril has 7 eateries.  (7!) 

Bayside has a diverse menu that included an AMAZING buffet! Breakfast has a chef to cook anything you'd like on the griddle. Fruits and meats, potatoes, even a smoothie bar.  Lunch was just a delicious with just as much food! Although we did not eat dinner there this time around, it is more formal menu service with a French flair.

Cucino Romana is a reservation only, Italian restaurant.  We chose to to eat here for our "wedding diner". We started our meal with a variety of fresh breads and dipping oils and then moved on to our appetizer. soup, salad, entree then dessert.  The food was phenomenal. The ambiance was even better.  The open kitchen is set in the middle of the quaint dining area that is set on the beach.  The entire restaurant is open so anywhere you sit, you can see out into the ocean.

Sundowners is authentic Indian dishes with white glove service that is open for breakfast and dinner. You have the choice to dine inside or outside where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. The food here was also amazing and so was the company.  We dined with some new zebra couples and enjoyed the night talking and getting to know each other. 

Kimonos Teppanyaki style came with table side entertainment.  Although we did not manage to fit this restaurant in on this trip, we did on our last vacation there. This too, requires reservations.  

Beach Bistro was the one place we wish we would have tried earlier. Their jerk chicken was so good that I seriously contemplated ordering another meal after I had finished. 

Barefoot By The Sea was another stop we just didn't make.  My fault.  Don't judge, but I HATE seafood and my husband loves me very much so we ended up not dining here.

Bella Napoli Pizzaria is a little pizza shop open from 11am-6pm. The pizzas are small enough that they can be personalized (so we each ordered our own!)

ROOM SERVICE: Of course, there is room service...mmmm. Who doesn't love room service that is already included! 

Things to do

This was the best part!! There was so much to do throughout the day and you could pick and choose. We had a blast in the swim up bar area where we played pool volleyball. It was totally convenient that the bar was right there to swim up to and replenish the slushy goodness that we just sucked down because of how hot it was.  The Bob Marley drink was pretty popular during our stay.  They nice part is that they float rum on the top of all of their drink.  Now I can count on one hand how many times I drink in a year, but I like to think that I got my moneys worth on this trip. 

All water activities are included in your stay.  We took advantage and did some paddleboarding and kayaking.  Even at 20 feet deep, you could still see the bottom of the ocean. We braved Big Mabel, which was a raft for 4 that was dragged around by a speed boat.  Hilarious. Knee boarding, snorkeling and scuba diving were all included as well as some other water activities but we just couldn't fit it all in. 

The land activities included giant chess, shuffleboard, table tennis and beach volleyball. We tried our hand as beach volleyball at 12 noon on a 95* day and only lasted about 30 mins. That's when I lotioned up and took a nap. The heat (and all those Bob Marleys before lunch) really tuckered me out. The fitness center was very modern and I even packed workout gear to stay on my game but I just couldn't bring myself to work out.  I enjoyed waking up at 5:45 am to watch the sunrise and read a book but could not bring myself to put on shoes. 

The Red Line Spa was another area we missed this trip but went to last time.  Totally worth the extra charges for the spa.

The nightly entertainment might have been one of my favorite things. There was a piano bar almost every night that the majority of zebras closed down.  We had karaoke a different night and a Burlesque show (that we missed). The best was the beach party.  After a buffet on the beach,  the entertainment started. We even participated in the entertainment.  I volunteered for the limbo (that none of us won) and then we watched this guy go under 3 flaming sticks sitting on top of beer bottles.  Yes, beer bottles.  If I wouldn't have seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it. It was crazy.  Then there was just a mess of embarrassing stuff happening.  A few guys volunteered (Husband and our friend Brett) for a dance off to Cotton Eye Joe, where they had to ride fake horses. After that mess, the ladies were brought on stage for a scavenger hunt and while there were looking for an item, a chair was removed each round. At this point in time, we are standing up close with a large group (her) of zebras and zebros and the MC tells the ladies they need a men's shirt not being worn.  I encourage my husband to help a sister out and he gives up his shirt.  At the end of the round, we see them collect the shirts and give them to an employee.  The shirtless men are called onstage to dance for their shirts. All these guys get fast dance songs, EXCEPT husband.  he is in the middle of the floor, and Vanessa Carlton' A thousand Miles comes on and he doesn't miss a beat. He begins pirouetting around the floor and even grapes and employee and starts spinning her around.  I don't think I have ever laughed so hard...EVER. 


Loving how Pink Zebra takes care of us!  These filled bags were waiting for us when we arrived!

Loving how Pink Zebra takes care of us!  These filled bags were waiting for us when we arrived!

Sandals Negril has a variety of rooms including private pools, swim up pools, two story and much more.  Our room was beautiful.  We could open our door right onto the patio and be on the beach in about 20 steps. All rooms come with a stocked mini fridge and bar that is replenished daily.  I loved the privacy feature.  There was a button in our room that would turn on a small light outside our door and showed either privacy or remake, so every day, our room was put back in pristine condition and our bar was restocked. (Brad was really enjoying the fridge of Red Stripe)  The showers had a shower head in the ceiling that rained down.  Not gonna lie.  This was a little tough getting used to.  We kept reaching to the wall to adjust the shower setting.  I know...poor us. .  Our room also had a big comfy chair and a dining area for two. 

Weddings/retie the knot

How stress free is a wedding at Sandals? Crazy stress free.  We met with the wedding planner (remember we did the real deal 9 years ago too) and had a cake tasting.  We picked our favorite cake, picked our flowers (even though a fellow zebro went around the night before and cut his own to make my bouquet) and our wedding music.  Even if we would have done add ons, everything can be planned in an hour.  ONE HOUR! Talk about EZPZ.  Our friend Roxcee took amazing photos and we were all back in the water within about 30 mins. 

I would have to say that the best part of this trip was hanging out with my husband.  We get so caught up in all the things that have to be done in our daily lives; work, kids' school, taking care of the house, yard work, sickness, drama, and everything in between.  It was nice to just be together.  On top of that, it was nice to hang out with some grown ups! We made new friends and built bonds that I have never had the chance to do in any other work environment.  Heck, we danced and ate and played with the owners. I am so blessed to have found this company and the people involved with it.  

If you are interested in learning more about earning a free vacation, please message me.