Day 2 of summer and we decided to start the park tour.  We scoured the internet and found some biggies that we must hit up but honestly, we plan to just drive around and see what we can see. Today was also our first No-No Day (The day I don't say no to the kids.), so we had been out and about for a while before we hit up this amazing park.  After breakfast, we went to the BMX track and skate park in South Park and then headed over to one of their parks for lunch.  After some lunch and running a muck at the South Park park (near the fairgrounds), we decided to head to Boyce Mayview Park.

Let me start by saying that the park is in Upper St. Clair and they cut no corners on this place. The Clubhouse park is just one section of the recreation center.  The outdoor area includes baseball and softball fields, a multipurpose field, the Miracle League Field , pavillions, concession stand, batting cages, outdoor classroom and The Clubhouse Park. 

There are a TON of awesome things about this park and since I love lists, here you go.

1.  It's Baseball/Pittsburgh themed.  There is turf instead of grass and as a parent, I enjoyed this aspect simply because I wasn't eaten alive while sitting in the shade on the turf. Grass is itchy and the turf cuts down on grass clippings and bees/bugs. 

         2.  They have misters.  WhooHoo!! I love that every time you push a button, you can turn on the misters.  The adults hung out in this area (or walked through) just as much as the kids. Today was pretty hot and this definitely helped to cool things down. 

        3.  Music:  Ok, it wasn't live music, but they have a section where you can run across piano keys, ding different weighted baseball bats and bang on giant poles.  The result isn't crazy loud which helps keep it from getting annoying. 

     4. Electronic Games: Neos 360, part electronic, part competitive sport game for all ages. It involves running around hitting lit up discs. There are 8 different levels/games and I must say, it was pretty fun.  There was a version of Simon (the memory game) and another electronic game near the entrance that we didn't get to. 

5.   One way in and one way out.  As a parent, this is huge.  My kids can't escape without me seeing them which helps me relax. Ok.  This was my bad.  There is more than one way in and out, which is a bummer.  I didn't realize it until it was brought to my attention.   (Feeling like mom of the year, didn't realize my kids could escape.) They need to gate those sections. 

6.  Wide open:  I liked the fact that there is enough room to run around and play.  This gives the kids a chance to play tag and use their imagination. 

   Of course there was all the usual park fun: Slides, climbing areas, swings and hideouts.  The equipment was in pristine condition and there was no liter anywhere.  Unbelievably clean.

So the final consensus.

  1. Clean:  10/10
  2. Safety: 9/10
  3. Fun: 10/10
  4. Unique: 10/10
  5. Kids' rating: B: 10/10 A: 10/10