I am currently a work from home mom. Before that, I was in the traditional workforce since I graduated from college.  I have always had a full time job.  After my husband and I married, I landed a full time teaching gig that I kept for 7 years.  I hated my old job and I can't express how thankful I am  to currently be doing what I am doing. We have two amazing children who are very active, both in school and in life in general. My husband is patient and kind and a hard worker.  He helps around the house, takes our son to karate, works 40-50 hours a week and is an assistant chief with the local volunteer fire department.  With all of the help and support we give each other,  I still struggle to get dinner on the table.  I have more laundry than I know what to do with ( I swear it just keeps multiplying.)  Even with his help, I sometimes get caught up in everything else and forget to pay a bill (or two), or balance the checkbook. (Yes, I still keep a checkbook ledger.) There are cobwebs in the corners and my woodwork hasn't been cleaned in a really, long time.  I try to get the bathrooms once a week and the sheets just as often, but it doesn't always happen.  There are two, grown, competent adults in this house and we still can't keep up with everything that life throws at us.  

That brings me to all of you single moms out there.  My heart goes out to you.  You single moms that work two jobs to support your kids, that give them the funds to participate in extra activities. You single moms that work during the day and take online classes at night, while checking homework,  doing laundry and planning meals. You single moms who sacrifice what you want for what your kids need. Your strength and love and devotion should be applauded.  But it won't be, because you don't let everyone know what you are going through.  Only the select few know how tired you are and how sometimes, you have to 'rob Peter to pay Paul'.  No one sees you crying at night because you can't be in two places at once.  

What if could take away one bill? A major portion of your monthly debt?  What if you didn't have to worry about childcare?  Babycenter.com claims that the average cost of childcare for babies and toddlers across the US is $11, 666.00 a year. That is a little less than $1000.00 a month.  That's a mortgage payment; tough pill to swallow even with two working parents.  My question is, what would you do with an extra $1000.00 a month?

Now, I'm not asking you to buy anything, or sell anything (although, if you'd like to do what I do, it is awesome and I would be more than happy to help!).  I'm asking you to watch the video.  Share this post with any single moms out there that need some help.

You see, Pink Zebra has this amazing charity called  HEROESHelping, Encouraging, Rewarding & Obtaining Education for Single moms.  HEROES supports single moms by donating days of daycare and helping families in the local community fulfill their dreams of a better life. Single moms can apply for up to 90 days of free daycare at a time.  For every party/order over $500.00 Pink Zebra adds $35.00 to the HEROES fund.  There is an eligibility fact sheet and an application to apply.  Both can be found under opportunities.  

Again, you don't have to like Pink Zebra, or sell it or use it to share this amazing opportunity. I am sharing because I have been blessed to find a company as caring and compassionate as this one.  I have met Kelly (who was a single mom) and Tom Gains, our founders and they are kind and genuine people.  This company is all about family and how changing fragrances changes lives. Pink Zebra has changed our lives and we want to  pass this information on to others and help to pay it forward, to help change someone else's life.

If you know of any HEROES, please have them apply.  If you would like to help, message me for information on placing an order or booking a party. Our goal is 1,000,000 days of daycare in 10 years! We are almost 4 years old and this charity has been in place since day one.