Finally!  We are continuing the park tour.  The rain has subsided; no arks needed to be built (although my garden drowned). We pulled out our park list yesterday and tried to come up with a plan.  This am, we did some running around and happened to be in the neighborhood of this super awesome park and decided to make a stop.  Chica slept at our Aunt's house so it was just me and the little man. 

Wiltshire park is off of McMurray Road in Upper St. Clair.  When we arrived, there was just one family there so we immediately started to explore.  When you first enter, there are new basketball courts and a deck/roller hockey rink to the left.  I enjoyed the paved walking path (which was lined with streets lights).  It wrapped around the entire park which was nice. There was also a small creek that ran throughout the middle of the small park.  BooChicken couldn't wait to get his feet wet. It was shallow so the kids could wade in the water.

The playground itself was so much fun!!! I must say that if a ton of little kids hadn't come rushing in, I would have been climbing around too. The playground was on a padded surface that was really soft, making falls that much easier to deal with.  The section of the play area located on the the hillside was on a turfed surface.  Please keep in mind that we arrived around 9 am so it wasn't quiet hoppin yet.  The climbing area was very unique in design, not your typical monkey bars and swings.

There was a ton of shade which was great. There were a lot of  trees which gave the area a really nice atmosphere.  Although the shade is great, there aren't many places to sit.  I highly recommend bringing a blanket and sitting on the hillside.  The playground is bordered by a fence and a hillside, but if you are sitting on the hillside,  you have a pretty good view of everything. 

Off to the left of the playground is a pavilion. There are indoor restroom and a covered area with picnic tables.  I was very surprised at how dirty the area was, especially because of the location. On a positive, the playground was immaculate, pavilion, not so much. 

Next to the pavilion was the spray area.  It consisted of a little froggy that sprayed water.  Cute way for the kids to cool off.  In the same area there was a pretty big sand box that was littered with toys.  Aside from the pavilion nearby, there wasn't much direct shade in this section.  Again, if you bring a blanket, you could pop a squat on the hillside, but it if you have little ones, it is a little far to be "hands on".

Overall, we loved this park and are excited to go again!  Judging from what some of the other park goers where saying,  it can get pretty busy in the afternoon.  If you aren't into the spray area, it is recommended that you head there in the morning. 

So the final consensus.

  1. Clean:  Playground 10/10 Pavillion: 2/10
  2. Safety: 9/10
  3. Fun: 10/10
  4. Unique: 10/10
  5. Kids' rating: B: 10/10 




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