You gotta love a job that lets you travel. Hubby and I found a sitter for the kids (Thank you Aunt Kimmy and Mom!) and hopped a plane to San Antonio for our Pink Zebra conference.  Ok, let's be real, it was NOT that easy.  We have been planning this trip for months and that is why it was able to happen. PLANNING!!! As most of you know, I quit my teaching job and now work Pink Zebra full time.  What you may not know is that my husband is also a "zebra" or a "zebro" as we like to call our male consultants.  Go ahead, laugh it up, but as our men like to say "the zebra may be pink , but the money is green!".  You see this is the first conference that he has attended and I was really excited to see how he would react immersed into the Pink Zebra business for 3 days.  Surprisingly, he did amazing! Here's why.

Pink Zebra makes it more than just the business.  Without sounding cliche, we are a family. In fact, it's not called a conference, it is called a family reunion.  

We headed to San Antonio a day early to check out the scene.  It happened to be Big's birthday so we had to stop for cupcakes.  Yes,  That is a tradition in our family and we usually split a dozen between the 4 of us but since the munchkins were at home, we had to take one for the team and eat them ourselves. 

The place was called Cupcake Couture and it was FABULOUS!!! The display was top notch and the cupcakes were freakin awesome.  The Inferno cupcake was, by far, my favorite. 

After indulging in enough sugar to last me the length of the trip, plus some, we headed back to our hotel for a nap ( traveling all day can make one sleepy, or it may have been a cupcake coma) before heading to the River Walk.

The River Walk was nice and relaxing.  We wondered around for a while before we found a great Steakhouse (I totally can't remember the name).  Big even had a Mariachi band sing him happy birthday. The food was fantastic as were the drinks.  Appetizers and drinks while chatting with friends kept us going until the main course. Being the wife of a chef can be tough when ordering steak. I can actually hear his eyes rolling when I ask for my steak well done.  My response is always, "A great chef can make even a well done steak taste perfect."  That was true.  No shoe leather there!  Tender, tasty and not bleeding! After a dozen cupcakes earlier that day, there was just no room for dessert

On our way back to the car, we stopped at the Alamo for a few selfie stick selfies (New toy for the trip) and watched a pretty cool street performer.  Early to bed because we had a big day of leaders training ahead of us. 

We were off to the J.W. Marriott bright and early.  My husband is EXTREMELY punctual. Check in started at 10 am so we arrived around 9 am.  This gave us some time to explore the beautiful resort. This year, we did not stay on property.  When your husband gets discounted Hilton properties, its really hard to pass up a $29.00 a night room.  After hitting up the Starbucks, we found our way and headed to registration.

Pink Zebra never cuts corners. Leaders were welcomed with a giant Mexican buffet. We then sat down for a few hours of inspiration and  information with Mary Christensen.   Hubby found a zebra or two to hang out with while I was in our leadership training and we met up at the end. Next stop Knibbe's Ranch, a working dude ranch. There we were met by a few cowboys and a long horned steer. Again, the food was mouth watering and abundant: salads, slaws, corn on the cob, BBQ brisket, breads and more! Of course there was a mini dessert station with coffee and teas.  Once plates were cleared the dancing began.  The poor line dancing instructor didn't realize what he was getting into with this bunch. If you left your dancing boots at home or just needed a break,  charactures and 'gun fights'  were there to keep us busy. The night ended with a fireworks display. 

The next 2 days were filled with classes, information, motivation and fun.  I love that our company has an awards ceremony.  As a teacher, I was never recognized for what I was doing right, only told it was my fault that my students weren't proficient or advanced.  Pink Zebra makes you want to do better, for them, for your family, for yourself. The night of product reveal was very family friendly with a County Fair theme.  Dunk tank, lots of carnival games and an armadillo race.  Once again, the food was amazing.  Although everything was fair related, it was very high end.  My favorite part of the night was mingling with the zebras I saw in Jamaica and have become friends with on social media.  I would have to say that Brad's favorite part was probably the ice carved beer mugs!  

We didn't spend as much time as we would have liked, exploring San Antonio, but we are so fortunate to be able to travel at least once a year with this company. Next year, we will be heading to VEGAS BABY!!! And of course, because PZ goes big or goes home, the way they announced it had us on the edge of our seats. 

If you are interested in making some extra buck, while traveling and meeting new people, let me know!