What do you know about direct sales? Maybe you have heard that you mom or grandma "used to do that kind of stuff." There are a ton of DS companies out there in the United States and across the world.  How do you choose?  There are 3 things you want to make sure your Direct Sales company offers you. 

  1. Consumable:  Once people are finished with your product, they will need to order more. Build those relationships and keep those customers coming back for more!
  2. Unique:  Is the company you are looking into unique in the industry? How does one make up company set itself apart from the others?  What makes one kind of bag better than the others?  In our case, how does Pink Zebra differ from other home fragrance companies out there?
  3. Ground floor:  Is your potential company full of consultants?  When you ask your friends and family (because yes, that is where you will start) if they have a "so and so" rep, do they? Can you throw a stone and kit a consultant from the company that you are looking into?  When companies have hundreds of thousands of consultants (some have millions), it can be EXTREMELY difficult to build a team and expand your business (if that is what you are looking to do).  Check out a company that is ground floor and moving forward!