Last weekend I was honored to co-lead another Pink Zebra Rally!  Three times a year Pink Zebra has rallies (about 30) across the United States to share new product, new information and training!  Plus, IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

This rally was our Spring/Summer 2017 catalog launch.  A lot goes into leading a rally.  We train and practice our 3 hour lecture/lesson the week before making sure all points are covered.  It's also a ton of fun putting together a playlist for each new rally too.  But the real fun begins the night before rally! Our Pittsburgh rally is one of the biggest rallies across the US with over 200 people registered.  We are so thankful that we were able to enter the ballroom the night before to begin setting up the amazing new product, watch any product videos and start packing the consultant and guest gifts. Two hundred and seventeen registered...that's a LOT of FREE gifts to package! This time, Danielle and I were assisted by my husband (who is a Manager with Pink Zebra) and my two kids (both aspiring zebras) Set up took us about 4 hours and we were beat!  The next morning we arrived about 2 hours early to make sure everything was A Okay and did an AV run through.  By 9am, we were ready to meet and greet our zebras and their guests!  We are proud to say that our rally was a success.  

Because those munchkins were so helpful, they were paid with Pink Zebra Soakable jewelry!  

Pink Zebra shared 3 big announcements with us.

  1. New step in the career plan. (Senior Manager between Manager and Executive Manager)

  2. FREE SHIPPING on host rewards

  3. FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $49.99 

Of course, we also heard from our amazing product development team and got to see and smell all of the new products.!  It was so much fun. Our zeebs are really Shooting For The Stars in 2017~

If you LOVE what you see, let us know! We do all types of parties!  Obviously home parties are the most fun but we get it, life happens but you don't need to miss out of amazing hostess rewards!  

  1. Catalog parties: Cookies and Catalogs  and Coffee Sip and Sniffs are popular for offices

  2. Parties on the go: Carry around some samples, order forms and catalogs for a week or two and collect some orders.

  3. Home party:  Get your friends together for a few hours.  Light refreshments and fun.  Laugh your your pals in a relaxed setting while enjoying some fun, on trend products!  

  4. Fundraisers: As always, EZPZ 40%-50% for you or your organization! 


After 7 years of teaching full time, I was able to quit teaching and work full time from home! I love that I can spend so much time with my family. No more missed life events, even the little ones. Pink Zebra has changed my life. Now, I help others create their own strong          economy allowing them to work from home, pay off debt and follow their dreams.

Interested in learning more, please let us know or head to