I LOVE Valentine's Day!! I am a former teacher and like to do silly crafty stuff.  I'm not talking Pinterest worthy, dumping tons of money into it kind of crafty, just a simple "You make me smile" kind of deal.  It is so easy to go to the store and grab a box of candies and a sappy card. (Yes, I do these things too) But sometimes, people want that little extra!  They want to see that they make a difference in your life.  That's BIG people and LITTLE people too! 

Let me get this out of the way: You should be celebrating your love for your friends and family every day, not just on this holiday. Ok, I said it, not let's move on.  Gone are the days of lingerie and bouquets of roses (only because that's not who I am right now.) I think the most important part of this day is KNOWING who you are celebrating.  Hubby doesn't buy that because I would rather have plants or go on a special date! Now, I wear kid made hats and jewelry and eat burnt cookies with to much icing (yes, there is such a thing).  AND I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

 For those that need a little brain jogger, here are some cute and economically friendly ideas to show someone you care.

  1. Cut out paper hearts and write something you love about them on each one.  Hang them around the house so those you love can see WHAT you love about them. 
  2. Sticky notes (same concept) write something special on each note and display them in the shape of a heart. 
  3. Make your favorite dinner together. Don't forget dessert. 
  4. Rent the first movie you saw together.  
  5. Put a special play list together of special songs.  This can be done for kiddos too!
  6. Surprise your love or your kiddies at work/school with lunch.
  7. Make a scrap book of your favorite photos.
  8. Volunteer together.
  9. Take a class together (exercise, cooking, etc)
  10. Write your bucket list together.
  11. Theme breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack.  Pink pancakes, heart shaped sandwiches, etc.
  12. Draw/Paint/Create something for your loves.  That's right! Don't be afraid to get creative.
  13. Do something good for your heart!  Go on a walk or hike.  See something new.
  14. Scavenger hunt. This can be done inexpensively but may take some planning.  Include, where you met, first date, first kiss, etc. 
  15. Do something you significant other likes to do.  Are they video game fans? Play!  Do they love action movies? Let them pick the flick. 


No matter what you do this Valentine's Day, remember that is more than just a Hallmark Holiday.  Celebrate your love for your husband or wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your kids, your family and your friends! Let people know that you appreciate them and that you love them even if we don't say it all of the time.  OH!! And don't forget those fur babies! 


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