Alright, how many of you out there are having a difficult time juggling EVERYTHING it is that you have to do?  Sometimes, days get so crazy that I forget to eat!  (I mean, not enough to drop a few but, you feel me.) It is hard work balancing a family, a career (either full time, work from home, part time, etc) and having a life outside of home. We all have 24 hours in our day.  (Except Beyonce', I think she has 28) Where are those hours going?  What are we filling them with?  Are they productive?  I know mine weren't.

Let's think about a day.  Now your may be more or less crazy than mine but for sake of argument, this is our example. 


  1. Work (8 hours, yes even from home)                         8
  2. Sleep                                                                            5
  3. Commute                                                                    1.5
  4. Feed family (breakfast, back lunches, dinner)           2
  5. Clean/Straighten up/ laundry                                     1
  6. Watch your favorite show                                           1
  7. Shower/get ready                                                        1
  8. Drive kids everywhere they need to be                      2
  9. MIsc chores (grocery shopping, cleaning car, etc)     1.5
  10. Exercise                                                                         .5
  11. Bathroom (throughout the day)                                   .5  

This is crazy!! How can we get anything accomplished when we have so much to do.  Our 24 hours is filled!  

A few years back, I attended out Pink Zebra Reunion and heard Belinda Ellsworth speak. Belinda is a Direct Sales Guru who is know for her "Power Hour".  (Not to be confused with college power hour or taking a shot of beer every minute for 1 hour.) What I heard that day changed my life, not just my business, but my productivity! 

In A Nutshell

The premise of the Power Hour is breaking tasks into 15 min increments.  Do you want to see how much time you "waste" every day?  For three days, look your activities every 15 mins.  WOW!! You will be surprised!  We are crazy busy in this day and age and the only way to be successful in work, home life, diet, exercise, etc is to PLAN!!!  

1.  Get a planner.

I LIVE and BREATHE by my planner. I have one planner for my life. That's work, kids, home, EVERYTHING in one so I don't have to transfer or check one against the other.  My ultimate fave planner is the  Passion Planner.  If you decide you love it and want to hook a sista up, use my email for a referral!  For every 3 referrals you get, you get a FREE planner. Planners make AMAZING gifts!! (

Make sure you LOVE your planner.  I REALLY need a monthly view and a daily/weekly view.  I also choose a planner that had a space for me to jot down motivational phrases (yes, sometimes I need to remind myself that I am a badass), take notes, doodle, had pages to add my budget, team info, training schedule, etc. I do not go crazy with decorating, I need my planner to be functional for ME.   Do what works for YOU. 

2.  Make a list of activities

Yes. I want you to sit down and write out all of the tasks you do in a day, a week, a month.  Do you know, with planning, you can clean a bathroom in 15 mins?  Or organize your closet. Or clean all the windows. Or put together packets for hostesses or joining packets, etc.  

3.  Schedule those activities.  

My Passion Planner has 15 min increments but I don't use those.  I actually blacked out my "times" and make a to-do list every day. I make my list for the next day before I go to bed.  I am relaxed and feel like I somewhat have my head about me.  Doing it the next morning leaves room for distractions. 

4.  Just do it

If you are overambitious like I am, you may find that your list never ends. You may have written in more 15 mins tasks that 15 mins increments in a day. At the end of the night, when you make your list for tomorrow, just carry over what you haven't completed.  Life happens!! You make get called to pick up a sick kiddo, or the lines at the grocery store are wicked long or maybe that 15 min follow up call turned into 35.  It's OK!! Don't get down on yourself,  just reschedule.  

Planners and lists are used by many successful people to maximize efficiency in both business and their home lives. You deserve to have some ME time, plan for it.     It's never to late to start planning!  


After 7 years of teaching full time, I was able to quit teaching and work full time from home! I love that I can spend so much time with my family. No more missed life events, even the little ones. Pink Zebra has changed my life. Now, I help others create their own strong  economy allowing them to work from                                                    home, pay off debt and follow their dreams.

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