We have just completed our THIRD trial run in our RV and boy, have we learned A LOT! 

Trip 1: Meadville, PA -Family Graduation Party

Thankfully our first trip was only about 2 hours away.  We knew that we would be able to hook up water and electric to our cousin's house. (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) This was a huge relief because we already knew how to do that since we had been plugged into Dad's house.   Everything was a success.  We learned about the AC and what we could and couldn't run while it was on.  We also learned that our shower head did not have a pause button.  With possible boondocking in our future, we needed to replace that bad boy to save on water.   We also left our first trip with a hefty list of things we forgot!  All in all, the kids (and grownups) had a blast! We did switch the shower head out to a Camco Rv shower head with an on/off switch.

Trip 2:  Shanksville Area -Dry Camping at Pink Zebra Family Member.

This trip was VERY different that than our maiden voyage.  First, we took our fur babies.  That in itself was crazy.  Our 14-year-old Lab, Sharpe mix does not do well in a vehicle.  She becomes a shaking, slobbering mess. Our younger pup was good to go and actually a little bummed he couldn't sit up front. 

When we arrived at Angie's, she let us fill our water tank and showed us where we would set up. We would be boondocking right near the lake.  2,600 acres of beauty and we were the only ones there. Our fur babies were in heaven, running and swimming.  Our munchkins LOVED everything about it.  We were hit with our first downpour with not electricity so we had to enjoy each other's company!! I KNOW!! Can you believe it!! We played cards, talked, hung out and did a little drizzle fishing. We again left with a list of things we forgot or needed to add or replace.  Another successful trip!

Trip 3: Kibbie's Island, Tionesta, Pa

Our final practice round ended in Tionesta, Pa.  My grandparents have a spot on Kibbie's island and we decided to hang out for a week over the 4th of July. There was very little "roughing it".  What there was a lot of was rain.  SO MUCH RAIN.  Thank goodness that it was also warm out.  The kids made new friends, something they are very good at doing.  We played kickball, rode bikes, ate some AMAZING bacon from the Little Store and pretty much relaxed.  As someone who works from home, my biggest struggle was the lack of internet/cell service.  Yes, even with a Hot Spot, my Sprint service was useless.  That whole 1% difference from Verizon?  Not so much.  Hubby is a Verizon user and we at least had a Hot Spot to link to.  

Again, we had some firsts.  Emptying the black water tank was one of them! Success!.  The clear elbow and RhinoFlex sewage hose kit made it EZPZ to empty the tank.   So easy, a 10-year-old could do it. Super proud of our little man for helping Dad!

The  Camco RV shower head with on/off saved a TON of water for our family of four. So glad we made the switch. 

I highly recommend trial runs before your full time departure date.  We learned that there are A LOT of EXTRA items needed to make your RV and RV life run smoothly.  Feel free to check us out on our YouTube Channel and follow this crazy journey. 


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