I seriously can't express how AMAZING our Pink Zebra company is.  No joke.  This was our 4th Family reunion that we have attended.  I mean, the fact that it is called a "Family Reunion"  instead of a conference, speaks volumes. I didn't join this company to make friends, but man, some of my best friends are zebras!  

This year, we headed to Orlando, Florida for the "Once Upon a Time", yearly get together.  Our first day/night is always a leader's activity.  We start the day off with check in and getting lots of Pink Zebra swag. We are then fed a fine buffet lunch, (as if it's our last meal), before heading off to our leadership training.  This year, Misty Kearns, CEO of Me founder,  shared some great information on being strong leaders.  After a short break, three of my Pink Zerba besties and I had the privilege our presenting a boot camp for leaders entitles, "Leading the Leaders"

After work, we played and we played HARD.  We headed to the Groove at Universal to dance the night away but not before some team building activities.  Before we left our leader's meeting, we were given arm bands of different colors.  We had to find our group and pick a song to perform in a lip sync battle.  17 teams competing for $100 Pink Dollars each.  (That's free money in the PZ world) In addition to the battle, we also had to compete in several minute to win it games.  We are wicked competitive so we went all out. We had a chance to meet Paisley in real life for the first time and wined and dined with an open bar and lots of yummy desserts.  At the end of the evening, a few of us stuck around and headed to a karaoke bar.  This wasn't your typical karaoke, this place had back up singers and dancers, a band, I mean, I felt FAMOUS!! LIke I could sing!! I mean, all the alcohol could have also given me that false sense of rhythm, but either way, it was a blast.  

The next day we heard from our amazing founders, Tom and Kelly Gaines about where our company is heading not just physically but financially too.  You could feel the excitement in the room.  We are super excited to be heading to Canada in October.  This is untapped territory! We cannot wait to help our Canadian friends change their lives!

One of my favorite parts of our reunion is the product reveal.  As an Executive Manager or higher, you get an early reveal; a private luncheon with the owners, design team and the product as they explain how everything works and why it was picked for this catalog.  I love how they keep us so informed. Of course, this is all happening while we are being fed another yummy lunch.

This year, we focused on telling our stories.  I was so fortunate to be asked to share our story, the story of how Pink Zebra truly changed our lives. It happened to be on the three-year anniversary of the day I quit my job and two days before we left for our amazing journey.  

Our final night was the annual Paisley awards.  Black and white with a touch of Pink.  This is where we are recognized for our accomplishments.  Top 100, Top 10 and Top 3 in several different catagories.  I love that I am finally with a company that recognizes us for what we do!! 

The worst part of reunion is leaving.  It's like summer camp.  We cry,  exchange number and email address.  We take TONS of photos and promise to come back next year to see our "new family members".  That's what it is...Family.  


After 7 years of teaching full time, I was able to quit teaching and work full time from home! I love that I can spend so much time with my family. No more missed life events, even the little ones. Pink Zebra has changed my life. Now, I help others create their own strong economy allowing them to work from home, pay off debt and follow their dreams.

Interested in learning more, please let us know or head to www.PZLynch.com