It’s that time of year again! Out with the old and in with the new! Everyone is ready to drop those pounds, get healthier, make more money, get that promotion, etc, etc, etc.  Big plans for 2018.  Big goals too.  Making those bad boys isn’t our problem.  Sticking to them and making them happen, that seems to be the struggle.

So how do we do it?  How do we actually accomplish those 2018 goals?  We start by creating S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals.  This acronym, along with some helpful tips, should keep you on track for this new year.


Make sure that the goal(s) you chose are specific.  Be detailed.  See what you want in your mind.  A broad goal leaves room for you to put it on the back burner, to adjust to fit your current need instead of striving for something bigger and better.


How will you measure if you have reached your goal? How will you know?  Do you want to save for a new car?  How much are you saving?  How will you know if it is enough?  This step make take some time.  You may have to do a little research.


Let’s be real here.  Is your goal actually achievable?  For instance, you are a 27-year-old attorney who wants to run in the next presidential election.  Guess what!  It’s not going to happen.  You have to be 35 years old to be the President of the US.  In our business, it would be crazy to join our team today and expect to hit the top level in our career plan in a year.  It isn’t going to happen.  Make sure that your goal is something within your reach.


Does your goal make sense for your big picture?  Is it result-based?  Is your goal something that you have control over?


This step is wicked important.  You need a time frame.  You see all of these steps are tied together.  If you don’t have a time frame, it’s easy to forget or make excuses.  There is very little accountability when there is no time frame. Are you looking for a promotion?  Ok, when?  When do you want to promote?  Are you looking to add team members or customers to your business?  Ok, how many and BY WHEN?


This step happens a little later on. Maybe it’s a week later, maybe it’s monthly.  At some point in time, ( a time you have already designated) you want to step back and evaluate the situation.  Evaluate where you are on your timeline for reaching that goal.


We have evaluated and now must review our plan of action.  We don’t want to change our goal but we may need to change the plan on how we get there.  

Rewarding yourself for a job well done is a great motivator.  Maybe you reward after you complete certain steps to reaching your goal.  Or why not reward yourself at certain markers.  Once you are 1/4 of the way there or 1/2 way there.  Rewards will remind you that you are on your way! 


You have your SMARTER  acronym ready to go.  Let’s look at some tips to help you out even further.

  1. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS!!!! That’s right! It feels awesome to cross that particular something off of a list or put a huge star next to the goal once it’s reached.  Plus writing your goals on paper makes them tangible. You are putting them out there in the Universe (yes, I have read the Secret).

  2. Create an action plan for each goal.  What are the steps you are going to take to reach those goals?  Maybe they are daily tasks, or weekly, or monthly. Whatever the plan is, write it down too.

  3. Create a vision board.  Some agree and some don’t.  I am a firm believer in vision boards.  Seeing what you want to accomplish will help you stay motivated.

  4. Share your goals.  By sharing your goals.  You can share with one or many.  Either way, you are putting your goals out there and others can help you stay accountable.  

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