This fall, I was fortunate enough to promote to the title of Director with Pink Zebra.   This is a high, leadership title that comes with extra pay and some great perks!  Now, don’t get me wrong, you have to work your butt off to get to this level and maintain this level and Pink Zebra rewards you for all of your hard work.  

In January, Pink Zebra flew my husband and me to Houston for my Director trip.  Sugarland, Texas is where our home office is located.  We arrived the day before our “official” trip was to start and were picked up from the airport and deposited at the beautiful Sugarland Marriot. From there we headed to Escalante’s, this AMAZING Mexican restaurant.  I had a delicious grilled chicken salad with two great dressings.  Yes, two.  I couldn’t decide so they brought me both. We headed back to our room after our late dinner so I could get my beauty sleep for our big day. 


I made every attempt to sleep, honestly.  Going to sleep wasn’t the problem, staying asleep was.  After 3 attempts to go back to sleep, I jumped out of bed right before 6 to start the process of getting ready.  I am a low maintenance kind of gal.  My attire usually consists of yoga pants, a t-shirt and my hair in a ponytail or messy bun. Today was something different.  Today, I would be treated like a princess.

I won’t bore you with the personal application of my make up, the curling of my hair, etc, but I will say, it was all on point.  Everything was going as planned.  

pink zebra director jessica lynch 1.jpg


We headed downstairs to await the limo.  Yes, that’s right, a white stretch limo rolled right up to the doors.  I looked at my husband and asked if that was ours since it was 15 mins early.  He looked around and let me know there was no one else here waiting for a limo.  After jumping in and inhaling all of the wonderfullness that was going on around me, I started to panic.  There was going to be a photographer following me around for the day!  Starting with the limo exit.  I took the next few minute to Google the “classy” way to exit a limo.  Yes, I am that crazy.  

I had it all planned but the minute we pulled up to the building and saw the pink carpet that had been rolled out along with Tom and Kelly Gaines standing there waiting, all that “class” went out the window.  I jumped out of that limo and ran over to Kelly to give her a hug, keeping the tears at bay as long as possible.  I entered the front door and was greeted by the company.  Yes, that’s right.  Everyone stopped what they were doing to great me!  


pink zebra director jessica lynch 5.jpg

After saying hello and being introduced to everyone, I was crowned.  Andrea placed my tiara on my head and at this point in time, my face physically hurt from smiling so big!  From there on out, I toured the company and learned the ins and outs of the Pink Zebra Home productions.  When we finally stopped for lunch, my head was spinning with all of the information I had received. 

After lunch, it was time to be measured for my boots. At director level, the boot maker comes and takes your measurements for your custom made Pink Zebra cowboy boots!  After being measured, hair and makeup came in to get me all dolled up for my photoshoot.  Talk about feeling famous!  

After all was said and done at Home Office, we headed back tot he hotel to await the owners.  They picked us up and we headed to a private dinner.  It was a blast!  


I can honestly say that I have never met two people who are as genuine and caring as Tom and Kelly Gaines.  They truly care about the consultants in their company and hear them out when their are suggestions or concerns. Pink Zebra rewards consultants for their hard work.  We receive monthly recognition, jewelry, trips and so much more. I am absolutely in love with my job.  If you are interested in learning more about this amazing company, please message us.  

pink zebra director jessica lynch 4.jpg

After 7 years of teaching full time, I was able to quit teaching and work full time from home! I love that I can spend so much time with my family. No more missed life events, even the little ones. Pink Zebra has changed my life. Now, I help others create their own strong economy allowing them to work from home, pay off debt and follow their dreams.

Interested in learning more, please let us know or head to www.PZLynch.com