Do you need an excuse to get your friends together?  Wait, wait!  Hear me out. This party is not your typical Direct Sales, sit back and listen to me lecture type of party.  This Blend Bash party is a hands on, mix up your own fragrance type of party....But wait...There is more. 

We want to make your home party experience a GREAT experience.  Today, we are featuring our Wow!  No Calories Blend Bash party.

What is this all about?  You invite your friends and we will bring this awesome box that has 8 cartons of our sprinkles.  You and your guests get to mix and match and create your own unique scents!  

We wanted to share some fun ideas for a Wow! No Calories Party.

First, we will create a fun themed text invite for you to share with your friends and family.

S'Mores Bonfire Evening.png

We even have some great snack ideas!  (Thank you Pinterest!) Mama Cheap has some great ideas!


We will even bring a fun themed playlist to help your guests get in the mood of having fun, relaxing by the fire and just enjoying each others company!

Of course, we will also take care of the Blend Bash Box!  How fun! You and your guest get to become sprinkle mixologists.  Create your own unique fragrance or use our recipe cards to get your creative juices flowing!

Our parties are EZPZ and a TON of FUN! Don't you deserve a fun night in? If so, let us know!

bash wow.jpg
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